Your Journey to Health Recovery Thru Natural Remedies

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We have created this Alternative Cure as an answer in the way we developed our disease. Health does not come by chance nor is our disease. It is the result or consequence of years in good habits and lifestyle or wrong lifestyle and habits.

Health cannot be inherited from our parents. Nor it is the result of taking pills that give a miracle, or it is the result from a safe operation. True Health is the combined product of healthy right diet, exercise, rest, sunlight, fresh air, pure water, right mind and attitude, and many more right habits(the images you can see on the header).

On the other hand, disease is also the combined product of wrong unhealthful diet, lack of exercise, over work, polluted surroundings, synthetic medicines, and wrong habits like vices, and wrong thoughts.

Health is a thing that we can cultivate TODAY – when we start to follow what we have learned.

It is our hope to help you gain more understanding of True Health by studying about the disease, what is it, what causes it, and most of all, its effect to the human body. Then afterwards, learn how to avoid them by applying the health principles provided therein.


Understanding Disease and Natural Remedies

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