Health Risk in Sitting Always – Sitting Can Kill!

Do you love to sit? While sitting is better than standing but not always as you think. Many people love sitting, they feel at rest. In home, we sit most often, even in work, there are many people who sits, especially office workers. But did you know the health risk of sitting always? Check this Chart!

Sitting is Killing You

Resource: Sitting is Killing YouMedical Billing And Coding

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Food Combinations: How to Avoid Health Disaster with Food Combining?

food combinationsFood combination has been a crucial subject even before. Because of this, there are a lot of researches that deal with its significance. There are some sources saying that the human’s stomach is only designed to digest one food at a time.

In the medical field, the main explanation of this is that in every food group, there is a specific enzyme that digests it. However, eating foods with their correct combination is still recommended. With the right food combination, the digestion of food will be in its optimum. Thus, the nutrients needed by the body will be supplied excellently.

What is Food Combination?

When speaking of the food combination, it refers to the ingesting of the foods with the same class in order for these foods to be digested properly. Almost all of you have an idea that for the meat to be digested, acidic environment is needed.

Indigestion is now one of the most common digestive system problems being experienced by most people who did wrong combination of foods that they eat. According to sources, there is more than 2 billion of dollars that are being spent away in using antacids. Surely, you can avoid spending too much money if you know the right manner of food combination.

Eating with the right combinations of foods will enhance your stomach’s digestion. Thus, the exact and simplest forms of nutrients that your system needs will be supplied to you.

Why Proper Food Combination is Vital

Proper food combination is oftentimes overlooked by most of the people. Because of this, they suffer some alterations in the function of their digestive system. So, if you are about to do some food combination, you have to be aware of its importance.

First in the list is that proper food combination decreases the chances of experiencing indigestion. There are some foods that must be taken solely or in one meal in order for it to be digested properly. Milk must not be ingested together with the other food groups. This food is already in its complete form and adding other foods with it may decrease the milk’s digestion process.

Wrong Food Combinations to Avoid

  • The first combination that you must avoid eating is the mixture of acidic foods and carbohydrates. Examples of high in carbohydrate foods are bread, pasta, barley, rice and muffins. On the other hand, orange, ponkan, lemon and other citrus fruits are examples of acidic fruits. This is one of the most vital food combinations that you must avoid eating. The acids that are present in the acidic foods oppose the alkaline nature of the carbohydrate rich stuffs. As a result, there is decrease in the efficiency in the digestion of the foods that will be taken in. What is worse is that there is decrease in the utilization of the important nutrients that you need.
  • Next is for you to stop eating foods that are considered as concentrated protein mixed with concentrated carbohydrates. This is very much important to avoid because when highly protein concentrated foods are paired with concentrated carbohydrates, it can cause decrease in the metabolism process. The foods will therefore cause weakening in the digestive process of the cells. When the cells of the digestive system are weak, the tendency is that there will be constipation.
  • One of the most favorite foods mixing is animal meats and rice. This food combination must not be done because rice and chicken may cause stalemate of the digestive system. The best is not to eat animal products at all. They are highly acidic  and can cause some serious diseases. Vegetables and rice are okay. Fruits and vegetables eaten at the same time are not okay. Eat them in separate intervals.
  • Combination of proteins as well as fats must also be avoided. Same rationale applies here. The presence of these two main types of foods will decrease the rate of its digestion. Therefore, there will be longer time for the foods that you ingest to be fully metabolized. Thus, constipation will likely occur. One good example of foods under this is the mixture of red meat as well as milk in the diet. All meats are hard to digest. Human digestive systems are designed for plants not for flesh. So mostly, flesh eaters are like to experience constipation especially if they don’t eat fruits and vegetables.
  • Also, the next food groups that you have to avoid eating together are blends of proteins as well as acidic fruits. When you take highly acidic foods with highly protein ones, the acidic foods will decrease the metabolism of the high in protein foods. Again, the result will be decrease in the rate of the protein digestion. When regularly ingested, it can cause permanent alteration in your gastrointestinal system’s health. Examples of the highly acidic foods that must be avoided are pineapples, lemons, tomatoes and oranges. On the other hand, the foods high in protein that must not be paired with acidic foods are nuts, cheese, eggs as well as meat.
  • You must not mix melon with the other fruits that you will ingest. There are a lot of people who are not aware of this fruit combination. The reason behind this is that melons are composed of 90 percent of water. This means that the melon alone can already fill up the food space available in your stomach. The other fruits typically have increased amount of water. So, the further you eat such foods, the more you will be bloated. If your stomach is too much bloated, it can actually cause problems in your digestive system.
  • On the other hand, milk must be taken alone or without combination of the other foods available in your dining room. Milk is a concentrated form of food that requires time in order to be fully digested by the body. This must not be taken with other foods such as nuts for it may alter the milk’s process of metabolism.
  • In preparing your salads, you must also avoid mixing salts into it. By nature, salt absorbs or attracts water present in its environment. Along with the water, the nutrients are also absorbed. As a result, your salad preparation will be less nutritious than it should be. In the modern times, potassium is used as salt substitute when making your salad preparation.
  • When it comes to fluids, you must avoid mixing soft drinks, alcohol, coffee and tea with the other solid foods available. These drinks basically decrease the acid secretion in your body. Thus, your stomach will have difficulty in breaking down the other forms of foods that you will take in. Better to avoid these drinks like soft drinks, alcohol, coffee, and tea. They not only affect the digestion but greatly impair your health. It is better to use water. But drink water 30 minutes before or after each meal.

When there is proper combination of foods, there is also proper digestion that will happen. Therefore, there will be proper extraction of the nutrients that your system needs.

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What is Detoxification and Why Detoxify?

Detoxification | DetoxifyDetoxification is the process in which toxins released by the cells and derived from the foods that we eat are being eliminated out of the body. The substances that are released out of the human system are those that can cause cell function alteration. The main focus of the detoxification therapy is the elimination of the harmful substances in the Gastro-Intestinal  system. According to sources, detoxification is done in order to provide opportunity for fat assimilation. Too many fats are acquired because of faulty absorption. When the detoxification is focused in the intestines, all the other harmful substances in the body will be easily released.

Signs and Symptoms of Accumulated Toxins in Your Body

There are main symptoms associated with high toxins in the body. These are nervousness, mood changes, stiff neck, skin rushes, constipation, indigestion, bad breath, sneezing, cough, closed sinus, throat itchiness, fever, nausea, fatigue and body pain.

Diseases Associated with Increase in Body Toxins

When there is overwhelming amounts of toxic substances in the body, it can lead to more serious health diseases. When the skin is affected, you may notice that the patient will manifest varicose veins, allergies, boils, eczema and acne. Lung affectation, on the other hand, will cause emphysema, pneumonia, bronchitis and asthma. Aside from these, there are also high chances of the occurrence of cancer, gastritis, cataract, diabetes, breast disease, atherosclerosis, hepatitis, cirrhosis, tension headache, migraine, peptic ulcer, hemorrhoids, infection, cardiovascular problems, sinusitis, menstrual cycle alterations, overweight, prostate problems and kidney diseases.

Why is there a Need for Detox?

There are sources suggesting that a typical person must undergo detoxification at least once yearly. There is no such recorded adverse reaction that is acquired after undergoing detox therapy. As a matter of fact, purely improvement in health condition was experienced by a person who underwent this process of toxin elimination.

There are a lot of people asking for the reason why they need to undergo detoxification process. The reason behind that is just very simple. In our day to day living, we are exposed to environmental poisons as well as chemicals. When we breathe, we take them in. When we eat, we, at the same time, also ingest these harmful substances. Because of this, these environmental toxins are being taken in by the human body.


When there are a lot of toxins present in our system, it causes build-up and alters the normal equilibrium inside the human body. The only way in order to be free from such toxins is for the body to excrete them. However, since the toxins are already overwhelming in amount, the body is not capable to eliminate all of it. That is why there are some diseases arising from the increase in the toxins present in the body. So now, to fully excrete the remaining toxins, detoxification must be done.

Benefits from Detoxification?

  • The main benefit that you can get out of detoxification therapy is that you will be free from diseases and symptoms brought by excessive toxins in the body. Most of the diseases as of the moment are caused by ingestion as well as inhalation of toxins.
  • Aside from the fact that you will be prevented from experiencing toxic associated diseases, you will also have the chance to cure some of the diseases or any health alteration happening in your system. Good example of this is fecal impaction. In this condition, there is trapping of fecal wastes in your intestines. Since detoxification is centered in the gastro-intestinal system, the intestinal toxins will be primarily removed.
  • When you are undergoing detoxification therapy, your body is being cleansed. This means that your system will be free from impurities due to the toxic foods that you eat and the harmful pollutants that you inhale.
  • Body toxins that are not eliminated out of the body like in renal failure patients cause increase in their weight. So, when the toxins are removed out of the body with the aid of detoxification, you will regain your normal weight easily.
  • You will also notice in those persons who are undergoing detoxification therapy that they look younger and bolder. Toxins present in the body cause increase in the rate of cell death. When the cells are dying easily, a person looks older than his actual age. So, when you undergo detoxification, the aging process will be slowed. What is more delightful is that you will notice that your skin will be healthier and more beautiful.

Kinds of Detoxification

There are kinds of detoxification therapy that you can choose from.

  • Detox diet is the first one. When we say detox diet, it means that you are incorporating foods in your menu that helps in the elimination of the wastes you acquired for years. This has direct effect in the chronic illness suffered by some of the diseased person. There are several examples of detox diet that you can utilize.
    • Master cleanse /Lemonade diet - The masters cleanse, also known as lemonade diet type of detox diet uses squeezed lemon juice. Once you have already secured your fresh lemon juice, you need to add pure water, cayenne pepper as well as maple syrup to it. A person who will undergo this type of detox must drink at least 6-16 glasses of master cleanse juice daily. Lemonade diet is a detox regimen that uses lemon juice extract. This detox diet is effective in elimination and dissolving of toxins, cleaning of the Gastro-Intestinal   and urinary System, purification of cells and glands and relieves nerve pressure.
    • Jumpstart juicer – is a combination of several fruits and vegetables that are squeezed. The juice is effective in eliminating the toxins accumulated in the internal organs of a person.
    • Super cleanse – is a cleansing formula equipped with fiber and essential detoxifying substances that are effective in moving out the harmful chemicals in your body.
    • Mucusless diet – is thought to heal some incurable diseases like Bright’s disease. The foods included in this diet are green leafy vegetables. These should be taken raw.
  • Colon Cleansing –  is alternatively called as colon therapy. This features colon hydrotherapy with the use of oral cleansing agents like dietary supplements. The procedure that is used here is a combination of water as well as herbs.
  • Liver Cleansing –is also referred to as liver gall bladder flush. This is used in order to eliminate high cholesterol in content in your liver. Aside from that, this is also used to treat asthma, psoriasis, gallstones and other diseases associated with high toxin in the body.
  • •    Foot & Skin Devices – Foot and skin devices are used externally to remove dead cells in the body particularly in your lower extremities. This is intended for those who do not want to take some supplements for their detoxification regimen.

Top 10 Tips to Detoxify Your Body

  1. At the top of the list is for you to ingest plenty of foods that contain fiber. Fiber is the most excellent detoxifying agent that will wash away the intact fecal materials in your intestines. Examples of the foods that are rich in fiber are seaweed, chorella, spirulina, broccoli, cabage, artichokes, radish and beets.
  2. In order for your liver to be cleansed, you have to incorporate in your detox program herbs like green tea, milk thistle and dandelion root.
  3. Glutathione is a compound found in the liver that is responsible in eliminating toxins. For your body glutathione to be activated, eat fruits that are rich in Vitamin C.
  4. Drinking of not less than eight glasses of water daily is also advised.
  5. Deep breathing exercises must also be done. When you do this, you are able to allow circulation of oxygen in your tissues.
  6. You must also avoid stress causing situations in your life. Or maybe, you should not take some stressful situations seriously.
  7. Hydrotherapy is also advised. This features taking a warm shower and allowing it to run down your back. After thirty seconds, you must follow now the cold water. This can be done three times daily. Going to bed for thirty minutes is also advised.
  8. Perspiration wastes should also be excreted. This can be achieved by means of having sauna bath.
  9. Brushing the skin is also recommended. This is done in order to scrape the dirt and the dead cells present in your skin. There are specially made brushes that you can buy in the market.
  10. The most important of all is for you to exercise. Simple exercises like yoga and jumping will do.

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Harmful Ingredients Used in Commercial Products

dangerous chemicalsFood products are made with lots of potentially dangerous ingredients in them. When there is long term of such ingredients, there will be built-up of it and can predispose you to some health alterations.

Present Food Product Ingredients than can be Dangerous to Health

There are specific food ingredients that are potentially harmful to the human body. The most common food ingredients like these are sodium nitrite, excitotoxins, hydrogenated oils, acesulfame K, acetone, acetaldehyde, polyaccrylamide, alcohol, Alkyl-phenol Ethoxylades, Alpha Hydroxyl Acid, Aluminum, Ammonium Glycolate, Ammonium Persulfate, Aspartame, Benzene and Benzoic Acid. Aside from these, there are also some other frequently used food ingredients that can cause harm to your health. These are BHA-BHT, Bisphenol A, Benzoyl Peroxide, Benzoic, Bronopol and a lot more.

Effects on Health and their Sources

•    Sodium nitrite is considered as potential carcinogenic substance for the body. This is usually used in order to create red pigment in meat products like sausage, bacon, hot dogs and other meat products. This is also called colour fixer chemical.

•    Hydrogen oil is classified as unessential fat that targets the cardiovascular system of a person. Over accumulation of this substance to the body can cause diseases of the heart, cellular deterioration and nutritional deficiencies. The main sources of these are processed foods like margarine, crackers and cookies. This substance is primarily added to such food products in order to increase their shelf life. This food ingredient is also called plastic fat.

•   Excitotoxins, a known example is Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is also potentially harmful food ingredient that can harm your overall wellness. Nerves need to be excited in order to transmit nerve impulses to each other. So the action of this food component is to block the nerve endings or the excitatory part of the vessels and halt the transmission of nerve impulses. Because of this, there may be a great chance of cell death occurrence. You can usually find this harmful food ingredient in sausages, salad dressing, canned soup and soda. This food ingredient is usually used in order to increase the life of instant and ready-made foods.

•    Another potentially carcinogenic food component that can harm your health is Acesulfame K. This ingredient has the capacity to increase the chances of the production of cancerous cells in your system. This is usually used as substitute to sugar and mainly found in gelatine, tea mixes, coffee mixes, creamers that are non-dairy, chewing gum and in puddings.

•    There are also food products that have increased acetone content. Acetone is alternatively called as Beta-Ketopropane or 2-Propanone. According to sources, only a small amount of this that will be inhaled can already cause untoward effects to your health. Upon the inhalation of this toxic food substance, it will eventually go to the bloodstream and will deposit in your vital organs. When you inhaled acetone, the main symptoms that you will experience are nausea, vomiting, increase pulse rate, confusion, irritation of the eyes, lung, throat and nose and may possibly lead to coma. This also has specific effects to women who ingest it. These are menstrual cycle and birth defects. This substance is also found in processed foods and is always evident in nail polish remover.

•    Alcohol is also rooted to be a cause of cancer. This food substance is known to stimulate oncogenes. This is a substance innate in human body that when triggered, can cause increase in the production of cancerous cells in the body. This is usually found in processed foods such as hams and sausages.

•    Aluminum is found in most processed foods. According to the latest research in the field of food and medicine, this food ingredient can cause Alzheimer’s dementia. This is a kind of central nervous system alteration wherein there is loss of memory and there is also loss of motor coordination. The dietary aluminum found in dietary foods can also cause the same. There is also trace of this substance in foods like baking soda, cheese and pickles.

•    Aspartame from soda and other forms of soft drinks is also rooted to be harmful to the human body. This is particularly used as substitute to sugar. There are reports from the persons who ingested this that they have experienced seizures, headaches and dizziness. Because of this, researches are conducted and these showed that this food ingredient can cause brain function alteration. This food component, when stored for a long time, may cause activation of cancer hormones in humans. That is why this is also considered as potential carcinogenic substance.

•    One of the most carcinogenic food ingredients that exist is the BHA-BHT. This is actually banned in some countries of the world but still used by many manufacturers of processed foods in making their products. When used, this will activate the hormone for the production of cancer cells. As a result, there is high chance of the occurrence of cancer in affected individuals.

•    Coal Tar Dyes that are present in highly coloured foods are also potentially dangerous to your health. These are stuffs that cause cancer to the person affected. Aside from that, this may also cause allergic reactions to the sensitive person. There are other effects associated with the ingestion of this food ingredient. Examples of these are nervousness, loss of concentration, fatigue, nausea, headaches and asthma attacks.

•    There are harmful impurities that you can get out of the food component known as Cocamidopropyl Betaine. This is usually found in synthesized coconuts. When you ingested overwhelming amounts of this food ingredient, you may experience skin blistering, skin burning and itching.

•    Diacetyl that is found in commercial popcorn can cause serious problems in the respiratory system. This can specifically cause fatal lung condition termed as bronchitis obliterans. In this condition, the affected person may experience difficulty excreting carbon dioxide. This by product must be eliminated out of the body because it is a potential toxic substance to the cells.

The so-called High Fructose Corn Syrup/HFCS that is found in sweet foods targets the cardiovascular system of the affected person. When too much amount of this is ingested, it causes increase in the level of the triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood. When this happens, the blood cells are subjected to clotting and can clog the vessels. When too much clogging happens, there is a possibility of CVA or stroke occurrence. Furthermore, this also causes increase in the aging process of the affected person.

•    Hydrogenated/Partially Hydrogenated Oils that are found in fatty meat products in the market is also a threat to your cardiovascular system. This type of oil is rich in trans-fat. Trans-fat is considered as poison to the cells. Aside from that, too much presence of this in the bloodstream makes the blood more viscous. As a compensatory mechanism, the heart will exert too much force just to pump the very concentrated blood. This leads to hypertension. If this is not given with proper attention, it may result to possible heart diseases.

If you do a research on how potentially and dangerous these substances, you will find out that these are all potential threat to the health of the consumers. They become more dangerous to health when they are ingested more frequently. That is why when you are buying your foods from the department stores, see to it that you will check first the label for the ingredients used in making that food stuff.

The Need to Detoxify

If you have been using or taking the products that contains some of the dangerous ingredients mentioned above, well, you might consider cleansing your body from the toxins that entered in to your body also known as Body Detoxification. Once you have you body cleanse from these toxins, you might consider as well minimizing the use or intake of those products or if you can and find other alternatives.

Accumulated toxins are just one of the big reasons that one your body will get into disease and illness, and sometimes, it will boom into cancerous disease which is sometimes, too late to remedy. Still the principle applies that “Prevention is better than cure.”


Feel  Great and Detoxify your Body in just 10 Days with This Diet

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Signs and Symptoms that Your Body is Acidic

In order for the body to perform in its most efficient function, internal homeostasis must be maintained. When talking about internal homeostasis, it refers to the balance between the pH of the internal body environment. For example, a body that is acidic cannot perform body functions accordingly. In connection with this, there are times that a person does not even know that he is already experiencing acidity of the body.

Stages of Acidity and its Signs and Symptoms

There are three main classification of the signs and symptoms of body acidity. These are classified in terms of stages.

The early acidic stage is when a person is just a little bit acidic. Sometimes, this is tolerable and may not progress to a lot more serious stage as well as signs and symptoms of body acidity. The main signs and symptoms that you can see in a person suffering from early acidity stage are:

  • chest and head mucous, joint pains, hands and feet that are cold, decrease drive for sex, dizziness, chemical sensitivity, heartburn, metallic taste in the mouth, urine that is smelling strong, hyperactivity and muscular pain. Furthermore, there are also some suggested signs and symptoms for the early stage of acidity. These are fatigue, premenstrual tension, acne, panic attacks, diarrhea, constipation, headaches, tongue that is coated and bloating.

When there is no remission of the acidity occurred at the early stage, it can lead to the next stage which is the intermediate acidic stage. The signs and symptoms in this stage are more serious and could predispose harm to the affected individual. The signs and symptoms include:

  • swelling or inflammation, hives, impotence, cold sores, migraine headaches, viral infections, endometriosis, eczema, psoriasis, foggy brain and depression. Apart from that, the person may also experience other signs and symptoms of this stage and these are memory loss, insomnia, bronchitis, cystitis, fungal infections, sinusitis, asthma, environmental allergies and bacterial infections.

There are some cases that during the intermediate stage of body acidity, it is not given with proper attention. Because of this, it leads to the more complicated stage of body acidity which is called severe acidic stage. The main signs and symptoms of this stage are:

  • cancers, scleroderma, schizophrenia, SLE or Systemic Lupus Erythematosis, tuberculosis, Hogkin’s disease, Rheumatoid arthritis, Chron’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis. As you observe, the signs and symptoms at this stage are very fatal and could cause life threatening condition to the affected person. Aside from that, these are clusters of serious health alterations that need close watching as well as prompt treatment from the experts in the field of medicine.

What Causes Your Body To Become Acidic?

The primary cause of body acidity is the ingestion of foods that are highly acidic in nature. The pre-packed as well as processed foods are the top food products that cause increase in the internal acidity of the body. These foods are seasoned with ingredients that alter the normal pH inside the body. Another food that is highly acidic is carbohydrate and sugar rich foods like pastas. Flesh meats, sea foods, cheese, milk, cream and other dairy products are also types of foods that can cause acidity to human body.

Aside from ingesting foods that are acidic in nature, a person exposed to pesticides will also have high chance of having acidic body.

Medications like antibiotics and those that are synthetic are also can produce acidity in the body.

How does Body Acidity Happen?

When one of these causative agents or factors is present in the system of the affected person, the cells are producing too much toxins in the body. When there is overwhelming amounts of such toxins, the body is unable to eliminate it through the portal of exits in the system. The toxins that are acidic are accumulating in the vital organs of the body causing the signs and symptoms.

How to Neutralize An Acidic Body?

  • In order to combat body acidity, one must adjust or correct his diet. One way is to to reduce or eliminate those foods that are known to be acidic as mentioned above such as meats, dairy products, sweets, ice cream, cakes, alcoholic drinks, softdrinks, sea foods, and unnatural foods like junk foods, etc. Then incorporate those alkalizing foods such as vegetables and fruits. They not only neutralize your acidic body but gives your body the optimum health.
  • By the time that the body of the person is acidic, it also extends to the mouth. When the mouth is acidic, there are high chances that the growth of the bacteria in this part is so fast. This is because of the fact that bacteria especially those that reside in the mouth are replicating well when they are in acidic environment. Too much presence of bacteria in the mouth will cause tooth decay to the affected person. The use of the alkaline diet is highly advised to the affected people in order to be free from these possible body acidity sequelae. Furthermore, it is advised to practice good oral hygiene even if there is no apparent presence of body acidity.
  • In an acidic body, there is decline in the function of the immune system. So the proper remedy for this is to ingest non-acidic Vitamin C supplementation.
  • There is an associated inflammation and swelling in a body that is acidic. So, to help prevent this, increase in the intake of foods that is high in Magnesium must be exercised.

Have A Healthy Diet

A known diet which is suited for good health is the Alkaline Diet. The main function of this type of diet with respect to the pH is to reverse the acidity happening in your body. When alkaline diet is utilized, there will be proper exchange of oxygen to your system. Therefore, there will be ample amounts of oxygenated blood that will flow to your vessels. Furthermore, alkaline body is also very much conducive for nutrient absorption. Also, there will be easy excretion of the cell toxins when the internal environment of the body is alkaline. When toxins are released out of the body, the cells will become healthier and more blooming. Thus, a person will not experience easy aging process.

Examples of Foods for Alkaline Diet

A person may be aware of the term alkaline diet but does not have the idea of the foods that are classified as alkaline. Good examples of alkaline foods are sprouts, broccoli, cucumber, wheatgrass, celery, garlic, beetroot, beans, carrots, chives, turnip, spinach and a lot more.

Be Healthy

When a person is conscious enough with the diet or foods that he consumes, he is basically aware if the food is acidic or alkaline in nature. Thus, he has the right knowledge of what foods to consume and those that must not be ingested. Since this case is mainly caused by poor diet, the affected person has great personal responsibility to be conscious with foods that he consumes.

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Drinking Softdrinks: Is it Cool or Is it Bad?

soft drinks

Know the hidden truth that softdrinks’ manufacturers don’t want you to know about. Softdrinks are beverages that contain high carbonated substances. These drinks are made with the use of carbonated substances mixed with water. The ingredients are being mixed with the use of mixing machine. When it is already blended, there is some flavouring added in order to make the drink tastier and more delicious.

People used to drink softdrinks and any carbonated beverages because they are influenced by the wide advertising and promotion of these stuffs. Aside from that, these forms of drinks are widely available and can easily be bought in typical stores.

Softdrinks are greatly composed of high amounts of sugar. But person with hypoglycaemia can benefit softdrinks they said. Hypoglycaemia is a state in which there is less source of energy of the human body. This means that when a person experiences hypoglycaemia, softdrinks can relieve the condition but temporarily.

Components of Soda and its Effects to the Human Body

Sodas are rich in ingredients that are not actually needed by the human body. These ingredients are potentially harmful to the human body for these may predispose an individual to sickness and other health alterations.

  • Phosphoric acid is one of the major components of soda. When there is increase in the ingestion of this substance, it may cause inhibition of the utilization of the calcium in the human body. As a result, it may lead to skeletal alterations like softening of the bones, teeth and the worse is osteoporosis. Apart from its effects in the skeletal system, this soda component is also responsible in lowering the acidity of the gastric juices in the GI system. This means that there will be interference in the process of digestion. What is worse is that there will be no proper conversion of the nutrients needed by the body. Furthermore, the typical pH of softdrinks is 3.4. When speaking of this pH measurement, it can already dissolve bones and teeth.
  • Softdrinks are high in sugar content. According to sources, manufacturers of sodas are the biggest consumer of sugar worldwide. When a person ingests increased amount of soda, it activates the release of the insulin from the islets of Langerhans of the pancreas. The activation of this leads to the increase in the viscosity of the blood. When the blood is too much concentrated, there is difficulty transporting the oxygenated blood to the smallest cells in the body. In order to compensate with this, the heart pumps the blood more intensely. The end result will be hypertension. In hypertension, there is an evident narrowing of the diameter of the vessels. When this happens, there is a possibility that the affected person will retain too much cholesterol in his system. The end result of this is premature aging, weight gain, diabetes and heart disease.
  • There are some manufacturers of softdrinks and any other soda beverages that use aspartame as the substitute for sugar. This soda ingredient is actually proven to cause health diseases that counts up to 92 varieties of health alterations. Examples of these are seizures, epilepsy, disorders in the mood, diabetes, birth defects, brain tumours and a lot more. In addition to that, storing aspartame for longer periods will transform it to formic acid as well as formaldehyde. These substances are known as potent carcinogens. This means that long term ingestion or drinking of soda can actually lead to cancer.
  • Sodas are also known as stimulants. These are the substances or beverages that can increase the alertness of a person. However, softdrinks contain too much caffeine amount. Overwhelming amount of caffeine when ingested can cause some adverse or negative effects to the one who takes it in. Examples of the conditions associated with too much intake of caffeine are birth defects, breast lumps, nutrient depletion, increase in the level of cholesterol in the blood, irregular heartbeat, increase in blood pressure, insomnia, jitters and what is worse is that is can develop cancer cells.

Heath Alterations Brought by Soda Ingestion

There are several diseases that can be incurred in too much soda ingestion.

  • First and foremost, soda can cause hypertension to the drinker. Hypertension happens because as you drink soda or any form of carbonated drinks, there are high amounts of sugar that are being taken in. This causes too much concentration of the blood. When the blood is concentrated, the heart has difficulty pumping it. As a result, the heart will exert more force just to keep the blood flowing to your vessels, which leads to hypertension.
  • Diabetes type 2 can also develop when there is too much drinking of soda or softdrinks. The occurrence of this health alteration is also rooted to the increase in the sugar content of softdrinks. The insulin from the pancreas is stimulated when you ingest too much soda. However, long-term ingestion of soda can actually make the cells of the pancreas get tired. As a result, there will be decline in the production of insulin needed to metabolize sugar. This leads to diabetes mellitus type 2.
  • Obesity is also associated with the ingestion of soda. This is also secondary to the increase in the sugar content of such kinds of drinks. The increase in the sugar content of the body makes it difficult for an individual to digest it fully. What happens now is that the unabsorbed sugar deposits in the cells that causes too much production of adipose tissue in the body.
  • Cancerous cells’ formations are also expected in long term ingestion of carbonated drinks like soda or softdrinks. In softdrinks, aspartame is a main component. This particular substance transforms to carcinogens that are responsible in the formation of cancer cells in the body.

Feeling Toxicated, Sick or Tired? Strengthen Your Body With Alkaline Diet

Natural Drinks Instead of Soda Drinks

Instead of drinking soda, you can consume some drinks that will not predispose you to health alterations or problems.

  • Water is still the best for the human body. This is a natural drink that does not contain too much harmful substances to the human body. Aside from that, it will not cause increase in the viscosity of the blood because it will actually case blood dilutions. This means you will be free from hypertension and any cardiovascular diseases. Ideally, a normal adult must ingest more than eight glasses of water.
  • Natural fruit juice is advised in replacement for drinking soda. Natural fruit juices and remember, not the artificial fruit juices, are good sources of Vitamin C that will boost your immune system. Moreover, this is a natural drink that will not cause danger to your health. You will not also need to worry about its sugar content because fruit juices contain simple sugar that does not need too much metabolism or digestion process.

The coming forth of the soda products are very much apparent in the market. Because of this, it is very tempting to buy such products. The bottom line in here is that a person must practice self-control in order to combat the temptation brought by the presence of such harmful drinks.  Instead, it is better to resort to natural drinks like fruit juices. If there is no natural drinks, water is better than artificial fruit drinks, they are just flavoring, also contains too much sugar.

Remember, you reap what you’ve sown. You may not feel the effect of drinking sodas immediately, but it may be too late when you notice that the effect is hard to recover anymore, and ultimately, you will pay the price of it.

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The Importance of Rest and Recreation

sleeping for healthAs we have noticed today, civilized people break away from the nature’s way of working and relaxing. Business and social life makes us busy to and fro, revolving smoothly by continuing restlessness. Night is treated like a day working and seeking pleasure. Even industries are not satisfied by the production hours of the day thus there are men and women that are still working on the night.

While it is true that they only work at the right schedule every day but often the work shift schedule implies irregularity of eating and sleeping. There are people who don’t really get affected by this kind of lifestyle but the time testifies that you cannot nullify the laws of nature and that you will not pay back. The Day was made for work while the time of the night is for sleeping.

Rest and nourishing recreation rejuvenates and revitalizes your health if done properly. The Creator of Nature desires us that working should be followed by rest. He did create the night that the humans should rest after many hours of toiling during the day. He also plans that the man works for six days and will rest on the seventh day, the Saturday, based from the Bible. Man in modern times, however, continues to ignore this principle. As if he doesn’t understand that every willful disobedience of this heavenly principle shall be paid afterwards.

Doing some garden is one wholesome way of recreation especially after the exhausting mental work.

Overwork is one of causes of heart disease, nervous condition, migraine, ulcers, anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure and many more.

Sleeping is a powerful natural remedy and relief. A serious one who wants to build really good health should take care to get enough sleep. The ability to sleep is one another great blessings in our life.

During the whole day’s work, we get tired,  and have sleep on the night, and we are refreshed on the morning. But still provided if we follow the amount of sleep required according to our age level. Our body undergoes wear and tear and sleeping is one way to restore and repair it.

On the other hand, the habits of watching movies, active night life, and other forms of pleasure seeking after working hours is the worst form of punishment to the body and mind that are already exhausted and drain of its energy. This is the sad reason of almost all of the diseases today. Treatments can do nothing from the abuses of his own body even he seeks the powerful medicines unless the patient strives to change his lifestyle.

Sleeping is beneficial from these following cases:

  • Sleeping with an empty stomach – while there is food being digested in the stomach, the brain and its digestive organs are required to function and it will also consume energy. Eating late at night forces the brain to work more on the night so the sleeping is abnormal and so almost cannot restore vitality. In the morning, it is possible to extend the sleeping.
  • Sleeping outdoor gives more rest than sleeping indoors.
  • Rest and sleep is more achieved easily if you do some exercise in the afternoon.

It is more required to rest when you are sick. Often, in most cases, this is the only requirement to health recovery. There is a saying that says “Man is so idiot that he even eats while he is sick.” When you are sick, the digestive organs cannot work properly, if they can work. They also need a share to get some rest and it is better light meals or full fasting from food. If you are tired or sick, you ask for a vacation…the same is your stomach.

To have recreation to yourself, one thing is necessary by going to your farm, or to the fields, or to a garden or park  and once more get closer to the nature. Modern kinds of pleasure(so called worldly pleasures) cannot replace the recovery of health that only nature can give.

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Health Risk from Modern Foods

Modern living has its advantages. People live in a world that offers convenience and flexibility. When was the last time you checked on your diet? Studies have revealed that an average individual tend to have a shorter lifespan and health is a very important factor. Even medical professional agree that modern foods can reduce the life span of a person. If you are not aware of the vital health principles, then you are compromising your health and well being. This is the perfect time to watch your diet and try to live a healthier lifestyle.

How Unhealthy Foods Affect the Health?

The unhealthy foods may include refined, concentrated starches and canned foods that contain preservatives and food colorings. It is important that you learn about these things so that you can have a better understanding of what you’re ingesting. Today, refined foods are quite popular. Anything in moderation is good but if you go beyond the recommended serving, the body may suffer in the end.

Since a lot of people are busy with at work, they don’t have enough time to prepare home-cooked dishes. They often rely on instant and convenience foods.  Some people think that refined foods are a blessing but since such food items are prepared for convenience, it usually doesn’t include proper nutrition. Have you ever wondered by the earlier generations live for many years? The reason is quite obvious – they eat unrefined foods!

The advantage of refined foods is that they have longer shelf lives. By definition, refined means superior, better, or purer and because of the advertisements, customers are convinced that refined foods are healthier (which is not truly the case). Refined foods make the body unhealthy because it weakens the cells of the body and so the cells can’t fight harmful elements. Just stick with this rule – if you eat healthy foods, you will look younger and will have some sort of ‘glow’. On the other hand, if you continuously eat unhealthy foods, you will look older and duller.

With the modern science age, most products are now custom-made. The human cell seems to respond better to organic and natural foods. The food industry is producing food items that look and taste very appealing. In terms of nutritional value, these foods fall short. In fact, the foods are loaded with preservatives or additives to prolong shelf life. Companies simply create the foods in order to generate lots of profits.

Studies revealed that the body has become a depository of harmful chemicals like sulfur, formaldehyde, sodium nitrate, aluminum compounds, propylene glycol, carboxymethylcellulose, and many others. These chemicals can be found in the luncheon meats, bologna, sausage, baco, ham, baking powder, beer, ice cream, etc. It can be very alarming to find out that almost all the things that you love to eat these days are laden with harmful preservatives.

What about canned goods? A lot of people treasure these foods because of their longer shelf life. The very first facility that manufactured canned goods was established in the early 1800s. Until now, lots of manufacturers are supplying the market with these convenient, handy, and economical products. Health advocates are always saying that fresh ones are the best to maintain the body’s health.

Canned foods are subjected to very high heat to kill microorganisms but at the same time, it also destroys about 1/3 of the enzymes and nutrients. With each passing year, 5-20%of the remaining nutrients are lost as well. Still, the FDA claims that canned goods are freshly picked and will tend to have more nutrients in comparison to fresh foods that are not handled properly. Now that you know the possible downside of eating canned goods, it is up to you to choose the canned items carefully. You have to buy ones that are from reputed manufacturers but be sure to eat the canned foods sparingly.

Disease and Illnesses Resulting Eating Artificial and Un-natural Foods

If you are fond of eating artificial and unnatural foods, you will be exposed to developmental disorders and serious diseases. In general, frequent consumption of refined and artificial foods can lead to hormonal imbalances, weaker immune system, cardio diseases and cancer. Children may also suffer from hyperactivity, ADHD, autism, and learning disability. There is also a study that revealed that brain diseases and neurological disorders can be caused by unhealthy foods. If you are in the habit of eating unnatural foods, you can easily become obese. At present, obesity is a very big problem all over the world. A lot of individuals find it hard to lose weight because they are used to sedentary and unhealthy lifestyles.

Other possible diseases include stiff knees, joint pain, anemia, headaches, brown facial blotches, skin rashes, nasal congestion, mucus buildup, and even Alzheimer’s disease.

Modern Food Processing and Health

Commercial foods are not always food. Oftentimes, the foods that people eat lack adequate nutrition. Modern food processing is able to provide people with the convenience that fits into their busy schedule.

In today’s modern world, people expect conveniently packed foods that have longer shelf life and easy to prepare. These foods taste good and you will find it hard to resist eating them. Once foods are processed, the nutrients are lost. If you heat the foods over 44º C or 112º F, the enzymes and nutrients are destroyed. The enzymes are very important especially in digestion. Because of this, going back to natural foods is the best alternative.

List of Unnatural Foods and Drinks

Unnatural foods refer to face food that does not contain nutrients but are loaded with harmful toxins. The preservatives, food coloring, and additives will not do you any good. At times, it can even kill your appetite.

Here are some of the unnatural foods:

•    Foods that contain concentrated starches - like white flour, white bread, biscuits, donuts, cakes, pies, spaghetti, macaroni, etc.
•    Foods that contain refined  and whitened sugar, chewing gums, artificial sweeteners, saccharin, etc.
•    Hard liquor and stimulating drinks like cola, coffee, alcoholic drinks, beers, tonic drinks, soft drinks, etc.
•    Appetizer in the kitchen
•    Oily foods
•    Foods that contain coloring
•    Salty foods effect to health
•    Foods that are too sweet

The foods and drinks listed above contributes to one common thing. All of them would start to ruin the body after they satisfy and left your taste buds  and come out into your stomach. Refined starches and sweets bring forth constipation and forms mucus . They also depletes calcium in the body. It is said that constipation is the  “Mother of all disease”. Long term eating of concentrated starches and refined sugar would results to asthma, acne, cataract, indigestion, diabetes, tooth decay, hyper-acidity, fermentation, ulcers, immature aging and many more.

There are many foods included in this category. Anything that contains preservatives, additives, or food coloring can be considered as unnatural food. Indeed, the market is filled with these items. Junk foods, canned goods, soft drinks, instant juices, and many others are included in artificial foods.

It seems that everything we eat contain harmful chemicals and toxins. Changing your eating habits can be very hard at first but if you introduce the changes gradually, you may be able to live a healthier life. Increasing the lifespan is possible if you are willing to introduce changes in your life.

You can’t possibly avoid eating artificial and unnatural foods. There is nothing wrong in eating these foods as long as you consume them in moderation. If you eat too much, you’re putting your health at risk. The FDA has approved the release of the products in the market and this means that they are generally safe. However, it is your responsibility to watch what you’re eating.

You can consult a nutritionist if you want to determine the most nutritious foods. Going back to eating natural foods is the best way to increase your lifespan. You have to act now. You may still eat artificial foods but you need to limit it. For instance, you can eat the unnatural foods once or twice a week. If you are able totally eliminate unnatural foods from your diet, the better. This is because eventually, you can expect to have a healthier and physically fit body.

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