Natural Remedies and Disease Treatment

Alternative CureAlternative Cure is what people seek after they are done using the conventional way of curing their disease and illness and found it not effective or those who realized the negative effects of curing the disease by means of drugs.

Alternative cure is just another term for natural remedies that is used to replace the traditional way of treating illnesses and body conditions.

But this is a constructive way of treatment with the purpose of which is to remove the root cause why diseases exist, all the time using elements and things that solely come from the nature. This is not just as the means of healing ailments of the body but in totality, something that revitalizes both the science and art of our existence in the world.

What is the Basis for Creating Natural Remedies?

Those who use the natural remedies believe that our human body was created as something that is strong and healthy, that it can stay this way as long as humans live abiding by nature’s laws. And even if the individual has congenital illnesses, the condition can still be cured if the natural treatment will be incorporated.

Things Needed for a Sound Mind and Body

  • Nutrition (Proper diet)
  • Fresh air
  • Sunshine
  • Exercise
  • Proper Hygiene
  • Temperance/Self-Control
  • Clean Water
  • Scientific relaxation (Rest/Sleep)
  • Trust in God (to have a correct mental attitude)

What are Diseases on Natural Remedies’ Perspective?

When we talk about natural remedies, diseases are considered as the body’s abnormal condition which resulted from natural law’s violation. Each of these violations comes with repercussions on a human’s body in the form of lowered vitality, lymph and blood irregularities as well as toxins and waste matter accumulations.

This just goes to say that with an unhealthy diet, not only the digestive system is affected. Once the toxins in your body accumulate, some body organs such as your kidneys, bowels, lungs and skin will also be overworked and the harmful substances will not be that quick to eradicate as they are accumulated.

Aside from that, the emotional and mental disturbances can also cause some imbalances of the electric field where the metabolism of the cell is being done, which results to the production of toxins. When there are disturbances on the electric field’s soil, germs that actually cause diseases can dwell here without any reproduction or toxin formation. However, once this is disturbed or the blood gets polluted, chances are the germs will multiply and become harmful to the body.

What are the Causes of Diseases?

The reason why our bodies experience some diseases is because of our body gets weak to fight or combat the disease as well as waste materials are accumulated in our system. Normally, these wastes are being eradicated from the healthy body through the help of the elimination organs. However, when a body is ill, wastes just continue to accumulate throughout years of practicing unhealthy habits like wrong diet, incorrect body care regime as well as habits that trigger enervation or even the nervous exhaustion like overwork, work, and all types of negative excesses. The basic principle here would be curing the illnesses with the help of methods that will let the system freed from the accumulations of toxic waste. And this is the main reason why natural treatments exist.

Acute illnesses like colds, fevers, inflammations, skin eruptions as well as digestive disturbances are simply the efforts made by your own body so that the piled waste materials will be eradicated. On the other hand, the chronic diseases like diabetes, heart malfunctions, asthma, rheumatism and kidney disorders are the mere outcome of the continued suppressions of those acute illnesses with the use of the hazardous methods like vaccines, drugs, narcotics as well as gland extracts.

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Self-healing Mechanism

The body of a human has its own healing mechanism which helps in bringing back the normal state of our health as long as the methods which are proper will be solely used for it to be possible. Simply put, the secret in curing diseases actually lies inside your body and not in your doctor’s hands.

Modern Medicine and Natural Remedies?

In the latest system of medicine, symptoms are being treated and the diseases are suppressed, yet the root cause of the issue was not directly addressed. Drugs may relieve the pain suffered by the patient and even suppress illnesses but it has side effects that can be quite harmful. In reality, what happens is that the drugs hinder the efforts of the body to naturally heal itself, thus, making recovery a lot more impossible if not difficult. A known surgeon and physician, Sir William Osler, said that when you use drugs, you have to recover two times, one from the ailment, the other one from the drugs.

Drugs don’t cure the disease. They just mask the symptoms of the true disease. The only thing that changes here is the pattern. Drugs can also result to deficiencies in your diet through destructing the nutrients, consuming them and preventing any absorption to take place. The really bad thing here is that they produce toxicity just when the body is not that capable to cope with it. This only means to say that drugs are not the right answers for health restoration but the nature itself.

While the modern system basically focuses on combating things when they are already in the human system, the natural remedies seeks to treat disease as a whole and emphasizes on prevention as well as adoptive measures so that good health will be maintained and diseases can be prevented.

Natural Remedies and Their Methods

Natural RemediesThe main goal of the system of natural remedies is to readjust the system of the body so that things that have become abnormal will go back to their norm functions and conditions. It also aims to adopt curing methods which conform to nature’s constructive principles. These are the methods which will eliminate the toxic poisons and matters that have accumulated inside the body in a way where the vital organs will not be injured in one way or another. Natural remedies also stimulate the organs that are responsible for purification and elimination to function way much better.

In a natural way of healing, obedience to natural laws is emphasized, proper care of body and being temperance of all things. Also, see to it that your body is always revitalized which can be best achieved by drinking plenty of water. You are also advised to try some natural methods for diseases to be cured such as sun baths and fresh air, massage and exercise. Together with a balanced diet, adequate physical exercise and adherence to the natural laws of nature, you will surely be able to achieve the best body condition that you have always wanted.



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