Allergies: Symptoms, Cause and Remedies of Allergies

Allergy is best defined as a reaction to the allergens present either outside or inside the body. There are plenty of substances that are present in the environment that can cause this kind of reaction to the sensitive individuals. Examples of these are the intolerance to some foods and reaction to some environmental pollutants. This reaction can normally occur just a few seconds upon your exposure to allergens. In some instances, there are also delayed reactions that can come up seven days after your exposure to such allergens.

Furthermore, any part of your system can be compromised by allergies. The term shock organ is referred to as the specific body part affected. The most typical sites of the allergic reactions are the ears, chest, skin, eyes as well as nose. There are broad ranges of chemicals and substances that can cause allergic reaction. Best examples of these are drugs, vaccines, serums, plants, animal fur, cosmetics, dust and pollen. Aside from the chemical agents, there are also physical agents involved. These include some foods, sunlight, cold and heat. The most common foods that can cause allergic reaction to patient with allergy problem are strawberries, tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, chocolates, fish, wheat, eggs, milk and oranges.


There are varieties of symptoms associated with allergy. These are headache, neuralgia, depression, nervousness, irritability, dizziness, migraine, constipation, indigestion, fever, heartburn, eczema, diabetes, conjunctivitis, sneezing, asthma, gastric ulcer, diarrhea, increase blood pressure, swelling of the eyes and face, shortness of breath, runny nose, and heart attack. Not all of these symptoms may appear in the person affected. However, there are some that will experience more than one symptom of allergy.

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  • When there is allergy, it means that you have low resistance and a problem in your internal health. Aside from that, presence of allergy may also signify incorrect manner of living as well as wrong diet. According to some sources, the main cause of allergy is feeding babies with foods like whole milk, corns, meats and cereals during their tenth to twelfth month. These foods can particularly cause allergic reactions to the babies because at this point in time, they do not have yet the proper digestive enzymes to metabolize such foods. That is why during the first six to eight month of babies, they must be purely fed with mother’s milk. Breast milk alone can already suffice the nutrient requirements of this age group.
  • Aside from that, the chemicals that are abundant in the processed foods found in commercial stores are also rooted to be the main cause of allergies. The additives found have powerful reaction towards the body of a sensitive individual. The allergic reaction in here is the main result of imbalance in diet. What happens is that there is incapacity of the body of the affected person to handle or to metabolize sugar content of such foods.
  • Aside from the aforementioned causes, psychological and emotional stress can also cause allergic reaction. Based from the studies of the experts in medicine, the symptoms of allergy are caused by reaction of the person to stress. An individual that experiences chronic stress is more sensitive to allergens.

Natural Remedies

  1. The primary treatment for allergy is with the aid of eating Vitamin C rich foods. Examples of these are squeezed fresh juices from citrus food groups. This natural remedy should be done for five consecutive days. This will help a lot in increasing the power of your immune system against allergens.
  2. Mono diet is also a nice natural remedy for allergy. In here, the sensitive individual will start first to one food like apples, grapes and carrots. A particular food must be ingested for one week. After a week, it is now the time to add another food to the diet. Same process must be followed. On the fourth week, protein must be incorporated to the diet. Just in case there is reaction to protein, discontinue the introduced food. By this method, you can actually eliminate the allergens in the diet.
  3. Increasing the alkaline reserve may also reverse the allergic reaction. This means that you have to eliminate foods such as cola drinks, sugar, alcohol, meats, cereals, chicken, chocolate, coffee, tea and a lot more.
  4. There is also another way for you to increase the immunity of your cells to allergens. This is by ingesting bioflavonoid to your body. Another great natural relief for you is to eat foods with high content of pantothenic acid. Moreover, Vitamin E is also effective in acquiring anti-allergic properties.
  5. Lastly, you have to identify the causative agent of the allergy. This seems to be a hard task but it is very much suggested. Once you have an allergic attack, take note of the food that you have ingested prior to occurrence of the allergy. With this, you have the chance to avoid the food next time. Thus, you will be free from experiencing allergy.

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