Bad Breath Remedies

This condition does not need more explanation for this is one of the reasons why some people get irritated when they got near of a person with bad breath. Bad breath is the result or a symptom where your stomach and intestines has something waste and toxins that are not disposed immediately. What make this worse are the constipation or bowel problems. Tooth decay and infections from the throat or digestive tracts might be the cause too.


What you do need instead of buying those expensive or advertise mouth wash, is the principle of natural cleansing of your body from these harmful substances. Damages with regards digestion like fermentation, heartburn, indigestion, hyperacidity, etc. must be highly regarded. Some effective natural laxatives are bananas, avocados, potatoes, apples, string beans, spinach, raisins, coconuts, radish, tomatoes, parsley and beet tops. Fresh fruits and juices is much better in your breakfast. Drinking herbal tea after waking up in the morning is also good.

It is important to have a correct diet to avoid harmful substances. Coffee, vinegar, tobacco, alcohol, white sugar, fresh milk and soft drinks must be put away from the diet. When the right condition happens in your digestive organs, the symptoms also disappear.

Throat infections must be treated if this is visible causes of bad breath. It is also important to treat tooth problems.

Tooth Decays and Gum infection usually results to bad breath

Natural remedies that can help are the following fruits and juices of vegetable that can kill germs and bacteria:

  • Lemon juice, drink 5 to 6 glasses, no sugar between meals
  • Carrots juice, Tomato juice, Pineapple juice

Following the above mention remedies will produce more gases on your stomach that sometimes gives inconvenience. But you don’t need to worry, this just means that wastes are now being dissolve and will be expelled soon. The tea from these leaves will help from preventing the foods to decay resulting from indigestion:

  • Leaves of avocado,
  • Leaves of peppermint,
  • Leaves from mango tree,
  • and Chamomile tea

The fresh leaves of peppermint can be chewed to freshen one’s breath.

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One thought on “Bad Breath Remedies”

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