Dysmenorrhea Remedies

Dysmenorrhea means having a painful menstruation of a female. This is not a disease but just a symptom of unhealthy lifestyle, fatigue, nervous discomfort, overwork or hormonal imbalance. It is also possible that this is a result from the obstruction in the ovary, uterus or from a recent medical operation or tumor. Wearing tight belts and jeans and also the clothing lifestyles that affects the blood circulation of the whole body are the things that contributes to suffering from dysmenorrhea.


The first thing to do is to relieve the pain and discomfort. Apply hot water bottleĀ  or heating pad through the spine, abdomen, on the hips and legs. The duration of this application depends upon the severity of the pain. If the pain is moderate, just apply in a short period of time. The sufferer must lie down and take a rest one or two days before menstruation period, if possible, do a sitz bath. This reduces the pain during the menstrual period.

It is also advice to make sure to cover your hands, arms, feet and chest when sleeping. Regular exercise will also help prevent this problem.

It is also important to get a check up from your doctor. Sunlight, exercise and fresh air are needed to improve the overall health of the patient. Foods that are artificial and unnatural must be avoided from your diet for these can lessen and affect your health instead of improving it. For natural remedies, drink the water of the parboiled banana heart. Have adequate supply of vitamins, magnesium and calcium to your body. The flower of Chamomile also helps steeping it. Two teaspoons of it, mixed with a cup of water, boil after 2 minutes, let it warm till you can handle it to drink.

Synthetic pain killer cannot improve health and constant use of it not only linger the problem but also addiction of the said drug.

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One thought on “Dysmenorrhea Remedies”

  1. Apart from the above method one should try herbal and natural medicines for long term relief. Combination of Ayurvedic herbs, advanced biotechnology and homoeopathic remedies aims to address the root cause. These remedies work by improving the muscular tone of uterus, using ingredients with natural anti- inflammatory and pain relieving properties to stop acute menstrual pain, balancing your reproductive hormones thus ending excessive uterine contractions and relieving symptoms like nausea, vomiting, dizziness, etc.
    Some of the frequently used remedies are C46 pain formula, HOD ovarian sarcode, Menses pain 200, M2 tone, OM24 female genital, etc.

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