Eye Problem: Defective Vision

One of the most prevalent problems in the sense of sight is the defective vision. It is said that one of the most common root causes of this case is reading with inappropriate lighting. Aside from that, this is also rooted to the hobby of reading while you are in a moving vehicle, watching a lot of films and increase in ingesting foods with high content of artificial ingredients.

Moreover, defective vision is also found to happen more in people who are using reading glasses. These people are advised to avoid taking off their eyeglasses and they should always concentrate in the center of the glasses to avoid muscle strain. Using reading glasses also reduces the blinking rate of the eyes.

Blinking is needed in order to guide the eyes when it is already stressed. Thus, the reduction in blinking brought by reading glasses also contribute to the development of defective vision.

Causes of Defective Vision

When it comes to the causes of defective vision, there are three main root causes of the problem.

  • The first one is the mental strain. Based from Dr. W.H. Bates, when there is mental strain, there is also stress that is happening in the eyes. The nerves as well as the muscles of the eyes are generally experiencing strain which contributes to the inability to use the sense of sight properly.
  • The second cause of defective vision is wrong diet. There is a link between the wrong choices of foods in the occurrence of defective vision. Usually, the increase in the intake of protein, sugar as well as starch may cause clogging of the nerves that surround the eyes. Too concentrated diet also increases the risk for development of defective vision.
  • The alteration in the proper supply of the blood from the nerves of the eyes is the last cause of defective vision. In order for your eyes to function at its best, it must receive proper blood supply. Thus, any condition that may disrupt the normal supply of the blood in the eyes will help in the development of the problem.

 Natural Remedies for Defective Vision

  • Eye exercise is the first treatment for the condition.
    • Initially, you need to make your eyes relaxed and free from tension.
    • Once you are already free from tension, you must move your eyes in an upward and downward pace.
    • This must be repeated six times.
    • Next step is to move your eyes to the sides and this must also be repeated 6 times.
    • Lastly, you must grasp the index finger of your right hand making sure that it is 8 inches away from your eyes. Look at it. Observe an object in your room that is 10 feet away from you.
    • Then look at it and at your hand 10 times.
    • After this, you must move your eyes in a circling motion in a clockwise and counterclockwise direction.
    • Once you are already done with this, you can repeat the exercise after ten seconds.
  • There is also a neck exercise that you can do in order to help treat defective vision.
    • The first step is for you to rotate your neck in a full or half circle.
    • The next step is for you to conduct some shoulder rotation forward and backward.
    • Next is to draw your head in a forward as well as backward movement.
    • After that, turn now your head in the left and right side, reaching it as far as you can. This is done in order to loosen the tension of the muscles that can impede the blood supply to your eyes.
  • Sun gazing is also another form of treatment in the case of defective vision. You can do this by means of staring at the sun, seeing to it that your eyes are cooled. Once you are already done with this, you move your eyes from side to side. The sideways movement of your eyes can be done for 18 minutes. After 18 minutes, you can now open your eyes and you blink them for not less than ten minutes. Moreover as you are blinking, see to it that you are still looking at the surroundings. This helps promote proper control of your vision as well as a good exercise for eyes that are inflamed.
  • Another form of defective eye treatment is the so-called splashing. What you need here is to splash cold, clean and plain water to your closed eyes. Once you are done with splashing, you can now close and rub the eyelids for not less than one minute with the use of sterile towel. With the aid of this measure, you will be able to cool down your eyes and this also enhances the supply of the blood in them.
  • Palming is also another form of defective eye treatment.
    • In this method of curing the problem, you need first to comfortably sit in the armchair.
    • By the time that you are already settled, have your eyes closed and relaxed. With your palm, cover both of your eyes. See to it that the right palm will cover the right eye and the left palm will cover the left eye. But see to it that you will not press your eyes.
    • When your hands have already covered your eyes, you can now drop your elbows down to your knees.
    • With your closed eyes, you should now imagine a black environment that seems to become darker each second that passes by. With the help of this technique, you are able to make your eye and their muscles become relaxed.
  • The next technique for you is referred to as swinging.
    • In doing this, you have to stand making sure that there a feet distance of twelve inches. Your hands must lie closely at your sides. Moreover, you must make sure that your body as well as your mind will be relaxed.
    • Once you are already settled in this kind of position, you can now imagine that you are like a pendulum from a clock that is moving slowly. The swinging action must be done at the front of the picture or the window.
    • As you are swinging, you will observe that the object is moving at the opposite side. By the time that you are already facing the window’s end, you can now blink once. This is helpful in toning the part of your nervous system that is responsible in the eye movements.
  • When it comes to your diet, it is advised that you increase your intake of foods that are not cooked. Particularly, these foods are dried fruits, nuts, beetroot, onions, carrot, turnips, potatoes, spinach, cabbage, lettuce, apples, oranges and a lot more.
    • Eat vegetables that are rich in Vitamin A such as green leafy vegetables. This includes malunggay, saluyot, kangkong and squash.
    • You can also drink the fresh juice of Squash or Kalabasa by grating it then extracting the juice. A glass of 2 or 3 times a day within 3-5 days will help. These are all effective in providing nourishment in the muscles and in the nerves of the eyes.

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