Falling Hair: Causes and Natural Remedies for Hair Fall

Hair FallThe increase in the number of people who are losing their hair at a very young age is becoming more prevalent at this moment.

In the ancient India, the women in this country believed that the longer and the healthier your hair is, the more beautiful you are. It is in the small skin pockets where hair is produced. These small pockets are also called as hair follicles. The folic base up growth that is termed as papilla is actually the part of the integumentary system that is responsible for the production of hair.

The substance that makes the most out of your hair is called keratin. By time that keratin developed and attached together, this will now make the follicle of the hair. The growth of the hair is being determined by means of the rate of the clamping of the amino acid keratin. In one month span, you hair will be approximately 1.2 in cm. By the age of 15-30, there is an increase in the growth of the hair.

Causes of Hair Falling

  • The prime cause of the increase in the fall of your hair is lack of nutrition. In fact, any small amount of loss of nutrient can already lead to hair loss. Just in case you lack intake of Vitamin B6, you will experience hair loss intensely. Moreover, those who lack the folic acid would likely become bald. When you have ingested the right nutrients later on, the increase in your hair fall will soon be relieved.
  • Emotional distress is also another root cause of hair fall. Examples of these are sudden shock, anxiety and worrying. When you are suffering from stress, there is increase in the tension in your scalp. Because of the tension in the scalp, this will halt the delivery of the nutrients in your hair root. Thus, there will be alteration in the health of your hair that will soon lead to the experiencing of hair loss.
  • There are also some diseases that can cause hair fall. Examples of these diseases are anemia, influenza, colds and syphilis. When you are suffering from any of these conditions, it transforms the hair root into a weak one. Thus, this will lead to the easy falling of your hair. Hair that is not clean regularly will make the accumulation of dirt that affects the pores thus can also cause loss of hair.
  • Another factor that can cause the hair fall is heredity but can be overcome by healthful diet and good habits.

Natural Remedies for Falling Hair

  • The fundamental treatment of falling hair is the intake of appropriate as well as sufficient doses of the nutrients that your body needs. Specifically, you must increase your intake of protein especially the simplest form of protein which is amino acid. We all know that hair is composed of the amino acid known as keratin. The foods that will help you in getting appropriate amounts of protein include cheese, eggs, soybean, yogurt, buttermilk and other dairy products.
  • Aside from eating appropriate amounts of foods high in protein, you must also increase your intake of foods that are high in Vitamin A. It was found out that those people who are suffering from Vitamin A deficiency will likely experience hair loss. With the aid of appropriate range of Vitamin A intake, you will not suffer this kind of problem. Plus, this also halts the possibility of easy hair greying.
  • It is also established that there is a relationship between the falling of hair in people who are ingesting low levels of inositol. Specifically, women are the ones who have low intake of inositol. In this case, you can decrease your risk for hair fall once you increase your intake of foods like fruits, grains, beans and nuts.
  • It is also very much important that you increase your intake of Vitamin B1. This is a nutrient that when there are fewer intakes will lead to the decrease in the rate of blood circulation in the scalp. Therefore, this will then lead to the development of hair loss. Most probably, women are also very prone to the decrease in this amount in the body. This implies that you must increase your intake of this nutrient. This can be derived from ingesting glandular foods.
  • You must also make it a point that you will have a well balanced diet. This implies that every time you are eating your meal, all the essential components or nutrients that your body needs must be present in your menu. A diet that compose more on vegetables and fruits is better than processed foods and meat foods.
  • There are some home remedies that you can use in order to reverse this condition. It is believed that rigorous rubbing of the scalp by the time that you have just finished washing your head with cold water will promote the growth of the hair. When you are rubbing your scalp, the heat that is being produced by the friction will cause proper circulation of blood in your scalp. Then, this will help in the supply of the necessary nutrients effective in the initiation of the growth of the hair.

Hair tonic ingredient in the form of Alma oil is also another helpful remedy in the case of falling hair. The oil can be mixed with lime juice and this must be used as shampoo for your hair. When this is used, this will help in the stimulation of hair growth.

  • Spinach and lettuce juice blend will also help you gain solution for your hair loss. Ideally, you must drink half liter of the mixture of these vegetable juices in a daily basis. This helps promote the growth of your hair.
  • Remarkable extent of hair growth will also be noticed once you increase your intake of the juices of lettuce, carrot and alfalfa. Remember that when you are preparing the juice, you must use the freshest ones. This will give you the most potent form of the home remedy for hair fall.
  • You can also massage the combination of the limewater as well as coconut oil to be relieved from hair fall. The combination of these two will help in the strengthening of the remaining hair, growth of the new ones and in lengthening of your crowning glory.
  • The use of Amaranth is also proven to provide solution for the excessive hair fall that you are experiencing. Particularly, the use of the juice extracted from the fresh leaves of the plant will help you in making your hair grow faster. Aside from its ability to make your hair grow faster, this will also maintain the moisture of it.
  • One of the oldest yet most effective home remedy that will help you in getting solution for falling of hair is the application of coconut milk. What this home remedy does is that it supplies hair nourishment to your scalp and in return, it makes it easy for the hair root to regenerate.


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