High Blood Pressure: Causes, Symptoms and Remedies | Remedies for Hypertension

high blood pressureHigh blood pressure is also the term used alternatively for hypertension. This is taught to be a silent killer that can easily take away the life of the affected person in just one attack. This is also called as the disease of the modern age people.

Known Causes of Hypertension or High Blood Pressure

  • The occurrence of this may be linked to the changes in the lifestyle as well as the industrial environment at this point in time. Little sleep, late to sleep at night, stress and anxiety are also attributed to this problem.
  • Overeating and indulgence of appetite are the main factors of this disease. Holidays, occasions, and celebrations where fatty flesh meats are present in the table where the people can eat so much and will result to overweight or trigger this problem to happen. Other foods that will increase the intake of more foods are coffee, tobacco, alcoholic drinks, vinegar, spicy foods, food seasoning and much more.
  • Overwork and contraceptive pills can trigger also this problem to arise. Diabetes, tooth infections and tonsils are another cause.
  • Improper elimination of body waste such as constipation and are made worse by eating artificial, unnatural foods from refined starches, fats and salty and fried foods.
  • Increase in adrenaline is also a rooted cause of this vascular system alteration. When there is increase in the production of adrenaline in the vessels of the body, it will cause rise in the pressure exerted in the walls of the arteries. The blood that flows in the arteries provides nourishment to every minute cells present in your body. That is why it must be constantly delivered to its target tissues. What the heart will do now is that it will force the blood to pass to the constricted vessels. Certain level of blood pressure is needed in order to deliver these essential nutrients from the blood. However, since there is constriction of blood vessel, the heart will detect that there is less blood amount supplied to the vital organs. As a result, it will pump in greater force resulting to hypertension.
  • Another cause of hypertension or increase in the blood pressure is over eating of foods high in cholesterol and fats. Although our body needs fats in order to have energy, the increase in the intake of this food component is harmful to our system. When there is an overwhelming fat in your body, it tends to deposit in the walls of the vessels that causes increase in the blood pressure.

Symptoms of High Blood Pressure or Hypertension

  • According to some sources, mild as well as moderate type of hypertension does not easily produce symptoms even for years. However, you can suspect that you have hypertension once you feel pain originating at the head’s back part and extending to the neck. This is oftentimes felt during the morning when you are strolling.
  • You will also experience dizziness, pain in the heart region, palpitations, fatigue, nervous tension, frequent urinating, arm pain, crossness, wakefulness, tiredness and emotional upset.
  • You may also observe that the person affected with hypertension is unable to perform activities of daily living. This is because of the incomplete blockage of the passage of the oxygenated blood to be delivered in distal cells and tissues.
  • Heart attacks are also a result of unmanaged hypertension.

Natural Remedies

  • The most effective way of naturally eliminating or if not managing hypertensive people is to have a proper diet. In here, the person must eliminate the possible cause of the disease. There are certain foods that must be avoided in the condition as some causes are stated above.
  • Increasing the fruit content of your diet is also a tip in order to lower down your blood pressure. Foods have low fat content which means eating these stuffs will not cause increase in viscosity of your blood. It is advised that hypertensive client must take fruits in five hour interval three times a week. Good examples of the foods that you can consume are water melon, raspberry, pineapples, guava, mangoes, pears, apples and oranges. Just minimize eating jackfruit as well as bananas for they may not help in the condition.
  • Aside from fruits, patients suffering from hypertension must also increase their intake of vegetables. Same rationale applies in here. It is better to stop from eating flesh foods and become vegetarian where flesh foods or animal meats are high in cholesterol which contributes to the development of hypertension.
  • You can begin your journey by trying the alkaline diet which is composed of vegetable and fruits. You will be taught about the alkaline foods. Fruits and vegetables are known to be alkalizing foods. To mention a few, they are carrots, apples, cabbage, potatoes, leafy vegetables, etc.
  • When speaking of the most effective natural remedy for increase blood pressure, it will be none other than garlic. This is actually a recommended natural remedy for hypertension in some countries like Philippines. Garlic has the property to slow down the pulse of the person with hypertension. At the same time, it modifies the rhythm of the heart in people with this condition. Moreover, this is also proven to be effective in relieving hypertensive symptoms like numbness, dizziness and shortness of breath.
  • Aside from garlic, Indian gooseberry is another food that is ready to fight hypertension. In taking this anti-hypertensive natural remedy, you have to extract its juice and mix it with honey. The preparation should be taken in the morning.
  • In the recent studies, water melon is found to be effective in lowering the blood pressure of the hypertensive clients. What you specifically need to do here is to get the extract of the water melon seeds and ingest it. The extract from this is proven to be effective in dilating the walls of the blood vessels. When this happens, there is proper vessel space suited as pathway of the blood that will be delivered to your body parts.
  • Water therapy is also suggested for people with hypertension. There are some instances that the main cause of hypertension is the increase in the viscosity of the blood. Increasing your water intake will help dilute your blood.
  • It is important to have proper weight management. Exercise plays an important role. One thing to do is to reduce your body fat. If you are obese, you need to lose weight. Otherwise, blood circulation will be so poor that may result in arthritis and other problems.

This disease can be prevented and treated, but sometimes, the patient is not. For the person has to decide if he is willing or not to change his wrong diet and lifestyle. Sometimes, some patients continue to eat foods that cause the problem because their will power is conquered by their perverted appetite.

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