The term indigestion is also alternatively called as dyspepsia. This is considered as the most prevalent condition associated with dietetic errors. This is defined as the problem in the stomach wherein there is incorrect secretion of the stomach juices that leads to great deal of discomfort.

In the process of food breakdown, the digestion of the stuffs that you are taking in usually begins in the mouth. The foods that you take in are further broken down in the stomach and are completely digested in the small intestines. The most abused part of the human body is said to be the stomach. This organ looks like a pouch that is pear shaped. This forms the digestive system tract that looks like loops at about 28 feet in terms of its length. The stomach usually varies from its position and from the amount of the foods that you are taking in. When your stomach is overloaded, this halts the proper functioning of the diaphragm. This also has a chance to provide pressing pressure on the heart.

Symptoms of Indigestion

  • There are varieties of symptoms that you will experience while you are suffering from indigestion. Examples of these are excess gas in the stomach, vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite, heartburn, sensation of stomach fullness as well as abdominal pain.
  • There are also accessory symptoms that you may experience. These are upper abdominal pain, foul breath, coated tongue and bad taste sensation in your oral mucosa.

Causes of Indigestion

  • The first cause of indigestion is the increase in the frequency of eating even if the previous meal was not yet dissolved by the stomach. When you are always overeating, there is a high tendency that your organs for digestion will suffer from feverish condition. When this occurs, there is increase in the secretion of excess stomach acids which then leads to the congestion of the mucus membrane of the stomach. This oftentimes results to hyper-acidity.

Moreover, overeating also causes stress to your digestive system because there are a lot of foods that must be metabolized. By the time that the food is putrefied, the present poison in it will be reabsorbed back in the system.

  • Improper chewing of the food is also another root cause of the development of indigestion. When you are eating large amounts of food particles, your stomach will work harder by means of excessive secretion of hydrochloric acid. Oftentimes, you will feel indigestion in this case because you stomach enzymes do not have the capability to fully digest the foods that you improperly chewed.
  • Eating the foods in a hurry also imposes you to ingest too much air. When the air reaches your stomach, it will affect the rate of food metabolism later on.
  • Improper cooking of foods is also another root case of the development of indigestion. There are some foods that when not properly cooked or taken raw, your stomach will not have proper food digestion.
  • Another root cause of indigestion is increase in intake of alcohol as well as frequent smoking. These are the habits that suppress the secretion of gastric juices. Thus, there will be ineffective metabolism of food.
  • Wrong Food combination can cause indigestion too.
  • Stress and extreme emotions also affect the secretion of gastric juices. This lowers the excretion of gastric enzymes which contributes to indigestion.

Natural Remedies for Indigestion

  • Digestive tract cleaning is one of the most fundamental treatments for indigestion. This basically refers to the change in the living style as well as undergoing sensible diet for not less than five days. During this span of days, you must increase your intake of all fruit diet. Once you are done with this form of diet, you must decrease your intake of foods that are hard in form. This is important in order for your stomach to regenerate its normal digestive function easily. In a span of ten days, you can now try to incorporate in your diet buttermilk, juice fruits as well as properly cooked vegetables. As time progresses, you can gradually shift to a well-balanced diet.

This form of treatment series is able to flush out the foods that are undigested residing in your colon. Aside from that, this treatment also increases the elimination of the stubborn wastes particles in your large intestines.

  • There is a certain fruit that you can use in order to be free from indigestion. This fruit is lemon. When you have drink the juice of this fruit, this will attack certain bacteria in your stomach that cause the alteration in the secretion of gastric juices. Aside from that, lemon juice is also effective in dislodging the gastric cells from the attached food particles in it.
  • Another fruit that you can use in order to be free from indigestion is orange juice. This is especially recommended for people who are suffering from long term indigestion. When you are able to incorporate this treatment, this will supply relaxation properties to your stomach. This is a nice opportunity in order for your stomach cells to regenerate.
  • Increase ingestion of probiotics will also help in the treatment of indigestion. In your stomach, there are some good floras that are residing in it. These good bacteria are able to help you with the proper rate of food digestion. Yet, there are some cases of indigestion where the normal flora in your stomach is damaged. In this case, probiotics will help you in providing assistance in relieving the function of the normal flora in your digestive system.
  • Pineapple is also another fruit that you can use in order to cure indigestion. The role of pineapple is to provide relief from dyspepsia because of its ability to stimulate the secretion of gastric enzymes in your system.
  • There are also some rules that you must follow in order to be free from indigestion. First is that you must always avoid eating as well as drinking together. It is recommended that you take water one hour after you have ingested your meals and half an hour before you will eat your meal.
  • It is also advised that you must take your meal slowly. This implies that you must chew your food properly in order to avoid indigestion. It is also important that you must not eat when you do not have the right appetite. When you do not have the feeling of hunger, there is decrease in the secretion of enzymes in your stomach.
  • Thus, there will also be a hard time in breaking down the foods in your stomach. Lastly, you must not eat when you have full stomach. When you are always in a full stomach, there is a tendency that your gastric mucosa will secret lesser gastric enzyme due to clogging.
  • Read more on Secrets of Health for more health awareness on how to avoid some health problems including indigestion.

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