Peptic Ulcer: Symptoms, Causes and Natural Remedies

Peptic ulcer denotes the portion of the mucosa of the gastro-intestinal that has lesion. Ulcer can develop in all parts of the gastrointestinal system since these parts are always exposed to the high acidity of the gastric juice. However, the most common site of ulceration is in the gastro-intestinal’s duodenum and stomach. When the affected part is the stomach, it is called gastric ulcer. Conversely, it is called as duodenal ulcer when it occurred in the duodenum. Regardless of the affectation, they are collectively known as peptic ulcer.

Symptoms of Ulcers

  • Pain that is defined as severe and sharp is the most common symptom of peptic ulcer. This is generally felt in the abdomen’s upper central part. In addition to that, the pain is also referred to as gnawing and burning. The pain in the gastric ulcer is usually felt after eating meals but is not mostly felt during night time. On the other hand, the duodenal pain is felt in between meals especially when the stomach has no food content. The pain in duodenal ulcer is usually lessened when some ingesting food like milk.
  • There is also remarkable distension of the stomach. This can be seen in advance cases of the peptic ulcer because of the progress of the condition.
  • Weakening of the body as well as insomnia is also symptoms of the disease.
  • Blood in the stools in occasional type as well as constipation is also noticeable.
  • Anemia is also a symptom of peptic ulcer due to internal bleeding.

Causes of Ulcers

  • The main root cause of the formation of peptic ulcer is hyperacidity. In here, there is over production of hydrochloric acid secreted from the cells of the stomach. This gastric juice is very much vital in order to break down the foods that you eat. Yet, too much production of this can cause damage to the lining of the gastro-intestinal tract. This usually starts from simple irritation then progresses to ulceration.
  • Other contributing factors in the occurrence of peptic ulcer are overeating, eating too much spiced foods, smoking, vinegars, fermented foods, drinking too much coffee, alcoholic drink, softdrinks and also dietetic indiscretion.
  • Irregularity of meal intervals. Not eating on the right time, skipping meals.
  • Too much use of aspirin drugs may severe ulcers too.
  • There are also other diseases that can contribute to the formation of gastro-intestinal ulcer. Examples of these are septicaemia and influenza.
  • Too much exposure to stress also plays a major role in the occurrence of peptic ulcer.

Natural Remedies

The prime focus of the treatment in the case of peptic ulcer is the patient’s diet. The diet must be well planned towards the goal of providing sufficient amounts of nutrients to the person affected and at the same time guided by the purpose of neutralizing the acid present in the gastro-intestinal system.

  1. Foods that must be incorporated in the diet of the individual with peptic ulcer are boiled, fresh or raw vegetables and fruits. The vegetables must be those which are smooth and can easily be digested by the stomach.
  2. Eating bananas is the most effective way that can help in curing the disease. This is also a fruit that is referred to as having anti-ulcer vitamin. In eating bananas, you are able to provide coating for your gastro-intestinal cells against the high acidity of the gastric juices. Thus, you are providing protection to your gastro-intestinal tract. Aside from that, bananas are also able to neutralize the acidity of the gastric juices in the digestive system.
  3. Including milk in the diet of a person with ulcer of the gastro-intestinal is also one of the most recommended orders from doctors. Yet, this is commonly prescribed to those who are in the advance stage of peptic ulcer.
  4. In terms of the vegetables for peptic ulcer, cabbage is the most suited one for this condition. In preparing the cabbage, all you need to do is to have it oiled before ingesting it.
  5. Juices that can be extracted out of carrots are also proven to neutralize the high acidity environment in the case of the person with peptic ulcer.
  6. Aside from the foods that must be added to the diet of the person with peptic ulcer, treatment of this health condition must also focus on the proper eating habit of the patient. When the person is upset or tired too much, refrain first from eating. Furthermore, he should not also skip his meal time. The stomach is conditioned to increase its hydrochloric acid in the most common time of the day when a person prefers to eat. So, he should not skip this particular meal time.
  7. Also, the right manner of eating must also emphasized to the patient with peptic ulcer. Foods that are taken in must be properly chewed in order to have easy metabolism inside his stomach. When a person does not chew his food well, when it reaches the stomach, there will be production of too much hydrochloric acid just to digest complex food particles. As a result, the cells of your stomach are also digested leading to ulceration.
  8. Avoid stress, hatred and anxiety as well. Reduce or eliminate watching television habits can help minimize stress too.

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