Pyorrhea: Symptoms, Causes and Remedies

Pyorrhea is a condition that affects the socket of the teeth. This is also called as periodontal disease. This condition is considered as one of the most widespread diseases in these present times. The main affected area of the condition is the root of the teeth. This is characterized by teeth loosening as well as formation of the pus surrounding the gum. It is also found out that this condition is the leading cause of the loosening of the teeth in most adults.

However, pyorrhea can happen to individuals from all walks of life. When it comes to the adult population, about 50% are becoming a victim of this problem. The manifestations of the disease can even be found in children who are in the age of 5 years old. The disease enhances when there is increase in age but the progress of the problem can be prevented once it was given with prompt medical attention.

Symptoms of Pyorrhea

The disease is characterized by some of the manifestations in the periodontal part of the body. Usually, the patient may suffer oozing pus when they press their gums. Aside from that, the gums are so tender. The pus in this case was believed to continuously find its way to the stomach. There is a high tendency that the action of the stomach will also become less effective due to the advancement of the pus. When this happens, there is a possibility that sepsis may occur in the person who has the problem. Furthermore, the problem may extend to the liver.

Causes of Pyorrhea

  • There are several causes of pyorrhea. First is that it is usually triggered by the presence of bacteria. Usually, the bacterium that causes the problem is not easily killed by mouth washes as well as tooth cleansing substances.
  • The increase in the intake of refined cereals, white sugar and white bread also contributes to the occurrence of the problem. This happens because of the increase in the concentration of the blood which passes through the small vessels of the eyes. In your gums, you can find a lot of small nerves in it. These small nerves may be blocked by the blood in that part and this will make the bacteria grow faster.
  • An acid impurity also affects the development of pyorrhea. This factor makes the gum very prone to injury. When injury already happened in the gums. There will be entrance of the bacteria that cause the disease.
  • The use of chemical irritants also contributes to the development of pyorrhea. When there is strong chemical that is used in cleansing the mouth, there will be possible injury in the cells of the gums. Even a slight break in the integrity of the cells of the gums will be a nice opportunity for the bacteria to invade it.
  • Allergy is also thought to promote the development of pyorrhea. This is due to the decrease in the efficiency of immune system in this case which makes the bacteria penetrate easily to your gums.

Natural Remedies for Pyorrhea

  • The basic treatment for Pyorrhea is confined in the killing of the bacterium causing the disease. Usually, those people who are suffering from the case must undergo short juice fast. This must be taken within 3-5 days duration. The juice may be composed of extract from orange and other fruits.
  • Fresh fruit diet is also another treatment for pyorrhea. This must be taken after the patient has undergone short juice fast. Fruit diet must be composed of ingestion of the fruits like melon, pineapple, oranges, grape-fruit, pears and apples. When you are under this form of treatment for pyorrhea, see to it that you daily cleanse your bowel in order to facilitate more positive results.
  • Root-bark decoction is also proven to provide positive results in people who are suffering from Pyorrhea. This will help ease away the possible gum bleeding as well as the inflammation of the gums.
  • Increasing the intake of Vitamin C will also help in this case. Since there is presence of infection, there is invasion of microorganisms in your mouth. When your immune system is compromised, there will be enhancement in the invasion of the bacterium. Your immune system will have a powerful effect when you ingested fruits rich in Vitamin C. This will help your white blood cells to mature more and increase their capacity to kill the causative agent of the disease.
  • Avoidance of stress will also help relieve the condition. If you are stressed, there is a decline in the action of the immune system against fighting off certain diseases. Thus, there will be a high possibility that the causative agent of the disease will easily affect the condition in your system.
  • The treatment of the disease is also focused on the elimination of the foods that will aggravate the condition. There are certain foods in your diet that must be avoided. These are the tinned foods, refine foods, white sugar as well as white bread. Races of these foods in your mouth will be a good environment for the growth of the bacteria.
  • Aside from the elimination of the aforementioned foods, you must also halt ingestion of foods with strong condiments, coffee, alcohol and the strong tea preparations available.
  • Just like any part of the body, your gums also need exercise in order to avoid suffering from pyorrhea. This can be achieved by means of eating hard foods as well as those that are too fibrous. When these foods are ingested, these will somehow promote massaging effects to your gums.
  • Toning for your gums will also help in the cure of the condition. In connection with this, you must chew guavas that are unripe. The Vitamin C content of guava is also effective in halting the possibility of gum bleeding in the case of pyorrhea.
  • There are also some foods in your menu that will help strengthening your gums as well as your teeth. This can be achieved by means of ingesting lime or lemon. Aside from its effects in strengthening of the gums and the teeth, this will also help in decreasing the swelling happening in the case.
  • If you would also take a combination of carrot and spinach juice, this will also help in the strengthening of the integrity of the gums. Thus, this will help you to be free from experiencing pyorrhea.


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