Sore Throat: Symptoms, Causes and Remedies

In sore throat, there is inflammation or swelling of the back part of the throat or pharynx. This commonly follows when a person has attack of influenza or common cold. The inflammation is not solely confined in the pharynx, but rather, it can also happen in the adenoids or tonsils just in case these parts are not yet removed. The discomfort or the irritation that will be experienced in this usually differs from condition to condition. There are some with less harm and there are also those in serious condition.

Sore Throat Symptoms

  • The primary symptom associated with the condition is dryness as well as burning sensation of the throat. This is the direct effect of the inflammation that occurs.
  • After the inflammation, the affected person usually experiences fever or chills. There is also hoarseness of voice brought by laryngitis.
  • There is also swelling as well as tenderness of the lymph glands found at the neck’s sides.
  • There is also a very much visible reddening of the back part of the throat. In some instances, this is covered by a membrane that appears greyish-white.
  • Aside from that, the affected person will also experience difficulty of swallowing that is more intense in the acute phase.
  • Postnasal discharge is also noticeable.
  • The pain that is felt in this condition is classified as sharp.

Causes of Sore Throat

  • The microorganism that causes sore throat is usually under the viral or bacterial classification.
  • Aside from the causative agents, this is also a result of the attack of other infections such as influenza and common colds. Furthermore, the other diseases that can cause sore throat are diphtheria, measles, sinusitis, mumps and tonsillitis. There are also some cases that leukaemia can actually predispose someone to sore throat. In these diseases, there is notable decline in the function of the white blood cell in the body. Thus, it is easy for the microorganisms to invade the human body.
  • Other causes of sore throat include frequent or excessive teaching, acting, singing, talking and excessive smoking.

Natural Remedies

  1. The first treatment for sore throat is the ingestion of orange juice. This particular juice must be taken for five consecutive days. However, this must not be purely orange juice but rather, you have to dilute it first with warm water before drinking. Take this anti sore throat preparation twice daily specifically 8 in the morning and 8 in the evening.
  2. Applying wet pack is also advised for patients with sore throat. To do this, you have to wring it out with a piece of linen material then have it wrapped for two or three times on the affected part. You can have it covered with flanner.
  3. Gargling using salt water is also effective in killing the causative agent of sore throat. Most of the microorganisms that cause infections cannot survive in salty environment. That is why gargling salt water can help reduce the intensity of sore throat.
  4. Incorporating fruits in the diet is also advised to patients with sore throat. Fruits are known as good source of Vitamin C. This particular nutrient is responsible in boosting the function of the immune system by helping in the development and maturation of white blood cells. These particular cells are responsible in fighting infections specifically in killing the causative agents. However, you must remember that you can only do pure fruit diet when the symptoms for sore throat subside. Examples of the foods that you can incorporate to your all fruit diet are papaya, pineapple, apple orange and other fruits under the citrus family.
  5. Mango bark is also used in order to be free from sore throat. You do not really need to use the mango bark in here. What you need is the fluid from it. It must be applied locally under the chin where throat lies. Aside from being a topical agent, this can also be used as a gargle. But you must remember to mix it first with 10 ml of water before using it. The amount of fluid that must be extracted out of mango bark must be in 125 ml.
  6. Furthermore, the herb named bastard myrobalan or popularly known as Beleric is another good remedy for sore throat. What you need in here is the mixture of the herb pulp, long pepper, honey and chilli.
  7. Garlic is also very much helpful in killing the microorganisms causing sore throat and any other upper respiratory tract infections. This natural remedy is highly recommended by experts in the field due to its high anti-viral properties. To experience less untoward taste, you can add gloves of garlic to soup. You can also have this 1 or 2 gloves pounded or grated, extract the juice, with a little honey, and drink it.
  8. Water therapy is also a recommended remedy for sore throat. Water aids in washing away the microorganisms present in the affected part. Proper hydration also aids in humidifying the throat.

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