Tonsillitis: Symptoms, Causes, and Natural Remedies

The term tonsillitis means tonsil inflammation in acute phase. This is also alternatively called as acute sore throat. The term chronic tonsillitis is usually used when there are already recurrent attacks of tonsillitis and is accompanied by occurrence of infection. The main affected parts in here are the tonsils. These are two minute lymphoid organs that are situated at the throat’s sides. This can be visualized at the tongue’s back part and it between the double folds of the membrane that runs to the soft palate. The average sizes of these are about same as lima bean. When these parts are too much compromised, its size become so much larger than its original size. These are not just accessory body parts but also, they play two main important functions. First, they serve as protection to the throat against germ diseases. Second is that they serve as detectors of the presence of infection in the body. This is apparent when they are swollen and sore.

Tonsillitis Symptoms

  • The main symptom of sore throat is fever, body pains, swallowing difficulties and weakness of the body. The fever that is felt associated with tonsillitis is a compensatory mechanism of the body in order to stimulate the infection control system of the body to fight invading microorganisms. Swallowing difficulties happens because of the swelling or inflammation on the throat.
  • When you visualize the tonsils, you will observe that it appears to be red and inflamed.
  • In addition to that, there are some cases that spots with pus are apparent during visualization.
  • When assessed externally, you will notice that the part where the glands are situated appears to be enlarged and tender.
  • Pain associated on the ears is felt in severe cases. In this, the quality of pain is usually intense and severe.

Causes of Tonsillitis

  • The main general cause of the occurrence of tonsillitis is the decrease in the immune system function. When this happens, there is decrease in the ability if the white blood cells to detect invading microorganisms. As a result, it is easier for these reasons to cause infection and to compromise specific body parts.
  • Toxins present in the body are also a predisposing factor for this condition. The increase in the body toxins causes decline in the function of your immune system. When the body is unable to eliminate such toxins, the tendency is for the tonsils to enlarge or inflame to activate the leukocytes of the body.
  • Another cause of tonsillitis is long time constipation due to retention of metabolic toxins. Too much eating of sweet foods, starchy foods, and low fiber foods. Too much eating of white breads, cakes, biscuits, ice creams, pies, and more alike can cause these problems too.

Natural Remedies for Tonsillitis

  • The main focus of the treatment of tonsillitis is on the diet. Particularly, you have to ingest nothing but water as well as orange juice only. Water should be taken in because in tonsillitis, there is an inflammation of the throat. This implies that there is narrow throat diameter for your food. So when you eat, you will find it hard to swallow solid foods because they generally have bigger diameters. Orange juice must be consumed because citrus fruits especially oranges are rich in Vitamin C. This essential nutrient is responsible in enhancing the immune system functions.
  • Aside from the orange juice, you can still ingest solid foods particularly fruits. These are usually soft and can cope with the small diameter of your throat. Examples of these fruits are melon, peaches, pineapple, pears, oranges, grapefruit, grapes and apples. Other than its soft features, these fruits are also excellent source of Vitamin C for your immunity.
  • Avoid the foods that can cause these problem as stated above like starchy and sweet foods, etc.
  • Since tonsillitis is caused by viral or bacterial type of causative agent. Because of this, garlic is advisable for you. This particular food spice is effective in halting the replication process of the microorganisms. As a result, it will eventually kill the present microorganisms in case of tonsillitis. Garlic provides discomfort when ingested raw. That is why you can add this to your soup dish in order to enjoy it in a delicious way. Aside from that, you can steam or fry some garlic gloves and sprinkle it to your rice.
  • Salt water gargling is also an effective way of reducing the inflammation in tonsillitis. Typically, causative agents of tonsillitis cannot survive in salty environment. So, salt water, this is effective in killing these organisms.
  • Well balanced diet must be exercised by the person with tonsillitis. During your breakfast, you have to eat fresh fruits, milk, vegetable salad or raw carrot. During your lunch, you can consume vegetables that are steamed paired with fresh fruit juice. When it comes to your dinner, you can consume also a raw vegetable salad meal. You can add here bread and sprouts.
  • Proper rest and sleep is also recommended for patients with tonsillitis. When a person is deprived of enough rest and sleep, his body has little opportunity to restore its function. The immune system is the primary body system affected when deprived of right amount of sleep. So, for you to strengthen your immunity, you have to sleep at least seven to eight hours daily.

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