Drinking Softdrinks: Is it Cool or Is it Bad?

soft drinks

Know the hidden truth that softdrinks’ manufacturers don’t want you to know about. Softdrinks are beverages that contain high carbonated substances. These drinks are made with the use of carbonated substances mixed with water. The ingredients are being mixed with the use of mixing machine. When it is already blended, there is some flavouring added in order to make the drink tastier and more delicious.

People used to drink softdrinks and any carbonated beverages because they are influenced by the wide advertising and promotion of these stuffs. Aside from that, these forms of drinks are widely available and can easily be bought in typical stores.

Softdrinks are greatly composed of high amounts of sugar. But person with hypoglycaemia can benefit softdrinks they said. Hypoglycaemia is a state in which there is less source of energy of the human body. This means that when a person experiences hypoglycaemia, softdrinks can relieve the condition but temporarily.

Components of Soda and its Effects to the Human Body

Sodas are rich in ingredients that are not actually needed by the human body. These ingredients are potentially harmful to the human body for these may predispose an individual to sickness and other health alterations.

  • Phosphoric acid is one of the major components of soda. When there is increase in the ingestion of this substance, it may cause inhibition of the utilization of the calcium in the human body. As a result, it may lead to skeletal alterations like softening of the bones, teeth and the worse is osteoporosis. Apart from its effects in the skeletal system, this soda component is also responsible in lowering the acidity of the gastric juices in the GI system. This means that there will be interference in the process of digestion. What is worse is that there will be no proper conversion of the nutrients needed by the body. Furthermore, the typical pH of softdrinks is 3.4. When speaking of this pH measurement, it can already dissolve bones and teeth.
  • Softdrinks are high in sugar content. According to sources, manufacturers of sodas are the biggest consumer of sugar worldwide. When a person ingests increased amount of soda, it activates the release of the insulin from the islets of Langerhans of the pancreas. The activation of this leads to the increase in the viscosity of the blood. When the blood is too much concentrated, there is difficulty transporting the oxygenated blood to the smallest cells in the body. In order to compensate with this, the heart pumps the blood more intensely. The end result will be hypertension. In hypertension, there is an evident narrowing of the diameter of the vessels. When this happens, there is a possibility that the affected person will retain too much cholesterol in his system. The end result of this is premature aging, weight gain, diabetes and heart disease.
  • There are some manufacturers of softdrinks and any other soda beverages that use aspartame as the substitute for sugar. This soda ingredient is actually proven to cause health diseases that counts up to 92 varieties of health alterations. Examples of these are seizures, epilepsy, disorders in the mood, diabetes, birth defects, brain tumours and a lot more. In addition to that, storing aspartame for longer periods will transform it to formic acid as well as formaldehyde. These substances are known as potent carcinogens. This means that long term ingestion or drinking of soda can actually lead to cancer.
  • Sodas are also known as stimulants. These are the substances or beverages that can increase the alertness of a person. However, softdrinks contain too much caffeine amount. Overwhelming amount of caffeine when ingested can cause some adverse or negative effects to the one who takes it in. Examples of the conditions associated with too much intake of caffeine are birth defects, breast lumps, nutrient depletion, increase in the level of cholesterol in the blood, irregular heartbeat, increase in blood pressure, insomnia, jitters and what is worse is that is can develop cancer cells.

Heath Alterations Brought by Soda Ingestion

There are several diseases that can be incurred in too much soda ingestion.

  • First and foremost, soda can cause hypertension to the drinker. Hypertension happens because as you drink soda or any form of carbonated drinks, there are high amounts of sugar that are being taken in. This causes too much concentration of the blood. When the blood is concentrated, the heart has difficulty pumping it. As a result, the heart will exert more force just to keep the blood flowing to your vessels, which leads to hypertension.
  • Diabetes type 2 can also develop when there is too much drinking of soda or softdrinks. The occurrence of this health alteration is also rooted to the increase in the sugar content of softdrinks. The insulin from the pancreas is stimulated when you ingest too much soda. However, long-term ingestion of soda can actually make the cells of the pancreas get tired. As a result, there will be decline in the production of insulin needed to metabolize sugar. This leads to diabetes mellitus type 2.
  • Obesity is also associated with the ingestion of soda. This is also secondary to the increase in the sugar content of such kinds of drinks. The increase in the sugar content of the body makes it difficult for an individual to digest it fully. What happens now is that the unabsorbed sugar deposits in the cells that causes too much production of adipose tissue in the body.
  • Cancerous cells’ formations are also expected in long term ingestion of carbonated drinks like soda or softdrinks. In softdrinks, aspartame is a main component. This particular substance transforms to carcinogens that are responsible in the formation of cancer cells in the body.

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Natural Drinks Instead of Soda Drinks

Instead of drinking soda, you can consume some drinks that will not predispose you to health alterations or problems.

  • Water is still the best for the human body. This is a natural drink that does not contain too much harmful substances to the human body. Aside from that, it will not cause increase in the viscosity of the blood because it will actually case blood dilutions. This means you will be free from hypertension and any cardiovascular diseases. Ideally, a normal adult must ingest more than eight glasses of water.
  • Natural fruit juice is advised in replacement for drinking soda. Natural fruit juices and remember, not the artificial fruit juices, are good sources of Vitamin C that will boost your immune system. Moreover, this is a natural drink that will not cause danger to your health. You will not also need to worry about its sugar content because fruit juices contain simple sugar that does not need too much metabolism or digestion process.

The coming forth of the soda products are very much apparent in the market. Because of this, it is very tempting to buy such products. The bottom line in here is that a person must practice self-control in order to combat the temptation brought by the presence of such harmful drinks.  Instead, it is better to resort to natural drinks like fruit juices. If there is no natural drinks, water is better than artificial fruit drinks, they are just flavoring, also contains too much sugar.

Remember, you reap what you’ve sown. You may not feel the effect of drinking sodas immediately, but it may be too late when you notice that the effect is hard to recover anymore, and ultimately, you will pay the price of it.

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