Food Combinations: How to Avoid Health Disaster with Food Combining?

food combinationsFood combination has been a crucial subject even before. Because of this, there are a lot of researches that deal with its significance. There are some sources saying that the human’s stomach is only designed to digest one food at a time.

In the medical field, the main explanation of this is that in every food group, there is a specific enzyme that digests it. However, eating foods with their correct combination is still recommended. With the right food combination, the digestion of food will be in its optimum. Thus, the nutrients needed by the body will be supplied excellently.

What is Food Combination?

When speaking of the food combination, it refers to the ingesting of the foods with the same class in order for these foods to be digested properly. Almost all of you have an idea that for the meat to be digested, acidic environment is needed.

Indigestion is now one of the most common digestive system problems being experienced by most people who did wrong combination of foods that they eat. According to sources, there is more than 2 billion of dollars that are being spent away in using antacids. Surely, you can avoid spending too much money if you know the right manner of food combination.

Eating with the right combinations of foods will enhance your stomach’s digestion. Thus, the exact and simplest forms of nutrients that your system needs will be supplied to you.

Why Proper Food Combination is Vital

Proper food combination is oftentimes overlooked by most of the people. Because of this, they suffer some alterations in the function of their digestive system. So, if you are about to do some food combination, you have to be aware of its importance.

First in the list is that proper food combination decreases the chances of experiencing indigestion. There are some foods that must be taken solely or in one meal in order for it to be digested properly. Milk must not be ingested together with the other food groups. This food is already in its complete form and adding other foods with it may decrease the milk’s digestion process.

Wrong Food Combinations to Avoid

  • The first combination that you must avoid eating is the mixture of acidic foods and carbohydrates. Examples of high in carbohydrate foods are bread, pasta, barley, rice and muffins. On the other hand, orange, ponkan, lemon and other citrus fruits are examples of acidic fruits. This is one of the most vital food combinations that you must avoid eating. The acids that are present in the acidic foods oppose the alkaline nature of the carbohydrate rich stuffs. As a result, there is decrease in the efficiency in the digestion of the foods that will be taken in. What is worse is that there is decrease in the utilization of the important nutrients that you need.
  • Next is for you to stop eating foods that are considered as concentrated protein mixed with concentrated carbohydrates. This is very much important to avoid because when highly protein concentrated foods are paired with concentrated carbohydrates, it can cause decrease in the metabolism process. The foods will therefore cause weakening in the digestive process of the cells. When the cells of the digestive system are weak, the tendency is that there will be constipation.
  • One of the most favorite foods mixing is animal meats and rice. This food combination must not be done because rice and chicken may cause stalemate of the digestive system. The best is not to eat animal products at all. They are highly acidic  and can cause some serious diseases. Vegetables and rice are okay. Fruits and vegetables eaten at the same time are not okay. Eat them in separate intervals.
  • Combination of proteins as well as fats must also be avoided. Same rationale applies here. The presence of these two main types of foods will decrease the rate of its digestion. Therefore, there will be longer time for the foods that you ingest to be fully metabolized. Thus, constipation will likely occur. One good example of foods under this is the mixture of red meat as well as milk in the diet. All meats are hard to digest. Human digestive systems are designed for plants not for flesh. So mostly, flesh eaters are like to experience constipation especially if they don’t eat fruits and vegetables.
  • Also, the next food groups that you have to avoid eating together are blends of proteins as well as acidic fruits. When you take highly acidic foods with highly protein ones, the acidic foods will decrease the metabolism of the high in protein foods. Again, the result will be decrease in the rate of the protein digestion. When regularly ingested, it can cause permanent alteration in your gastrointestinal system’s health. Examples of the highly acidic foods that must be avoided are pineapples, lemons, tomatoes and oranges. On the other hand, the foods high in protein that must not be paired with acidic foods are nuts, cheese, eggs as well as meat.
  • You must not mix melon with the other fruits that you will ingest. There are a lot of people who are not aware of this fruit combination. The reason behind this is that melons are composed of 90 percent of water. This means that the melon alone can already fill up the food space available in your stomach. The other fruits typically have increased amount of water. So, the further you eat such foods, the more you will be bloated. If your stomach is too much bloated, it can actually cause problems in your digestive system.
  • On the other hand, milk must be taken alone or without combination of the other foods available in your dining room. Milk is a concentrated form of food that requires time in order to be fully digested by the body. This must not be taken with other foods such as nuts for it may alter the milk’s process of metabolism.
  • In preparing your salads, you must also avoid mixing salts into it. By nature, salt absorbs or attracts water present in its environment. Along with the water, the nutrients are also absorbed. As a result, your salad preparation will be less nutritious than it should be. In the modern times, potassium is used as salt substitute when making your salad preparation.
  • When it comes to fluids, you must avoid mixing soft drinks, alcohol, coffee and tea with the other solid foods available. These drinks basically decrease the acid secretion in your body. Thus, your stomach will have difficulty in breaking down the other forms of foods that you will take in. Better to avoid these drinks like soft drinks, alcohol, coffee, and tea. They not only affect the digestion but greatly impair your health. It is better to use water. But drink water 30 minutes before or after each meal.

When there is proper combination of foods, there is also proper digestion that will happen. Therefore, there will be proper extraction of the nutrients that your system needs.

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