Harmful Ingredients Used in Commercial Products

dangerous chemicalsFood products are made with lots of potentially dangerous ingredients in them. When there is long term of such ingredients, there will be built-up of it and can predispose you to some health alterations.

Present Food Product Ingredients than can be Dangerous to Health

There are specific food ingredients that are potentially harmful to the human body. The most common food ingredients like these are sodium nitrite, excitotoxins, hydrogenated oils, acesulfame K, acetone, acetaldehyde, polyaccrylamide, alcohol, Alkyl-phenol Ethoxylades, Alpha Hydroxyl Acid, Aluminum, Ammonium Glycolate, Ammonium Persulfate, Aspartame, Benzene and Benzoic Acid. Aside from these, there are also some other frequently used food ingredients that can cause harm to your health. These are BHA-BHT, Bisphenol A, Benzoyl Peroxide, Benzoic, Bronopol and a lot more.

Effects on Health and their Sources

•    Sodium nitrite is considered as potential carcinogenic substance for the body. This is usually used in order to create red pigment in meat products like sausage, bacon, hot dogs and other meat products. This is also called colour fixer chemical.

•    Hydrogen oil is classified as unessential fat that targets the cardiovascular system of a person. Over accumulation of this substance to the body can cause diseases of the heart, cellular deterioration and nutritional deficiencies. The main sources of these are processed foods like margarine, crackers and cookies. This substance is primarily added to such food products in order to increase their shelf life. This food ingredient is also called plastic fat.

•   Excitotoxins, a known example is Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is also potentially harmful food ingredient that can harm your overall wellness. Nerves need to be excited in order to transmit nerve impulses to each other. So the action of this food component is to block the nerve endings or the excitatory part of the vessels and halt the transmission of nerve impulses. Because of this, there may be a great chance of cell death occurrence. You can usually find this harmful food ingredient in sausages, salad dressing, canned soup and soda. This food ingredient is usually used in order to increase the life of instant and ready-made foods.

•    Another potentially carcinogenic food component that can harm your health is Acesulfame K. This ingredient has the capacity to increase the chances of the production of cancerous cells in your system. This is usually used as substitute to sugar and mainly found in gelatine, tea mixes, coffee mixes, creamers that are non-dairy, chewing gum and in puddings.

•    There are also food products that have increased acetone content. Acetone is alternatively called as Beta-Ketopropane or 2-Propanone. According to sources, only a small amount of this that will be inhaled can already cause untoward effects to your health. Upon the inhalation of this toxic food substance, it will eventually go to the bloodstream and will deposit in your vital organs. When you inhaled acetone, the main symptoms that you will experience are nausea, vomiting, increase pulse rate, confusion, irritation of the eyes, lung, throat and nose and may possibly lead to coma. This also has specific effects to women who ingest it. These are menstrual cycle and birth defects. This substance is also found in processed foods and is always evident in nail polish remover.

•    Alcohol is also rooted to be a cause of cancer. This food substance is known to stimulate oncogenes. This is a substance innate in human body that when triggered, can cause increase in the production of cancerous cells in the body. This is usually found in processed foods such as hams and sausages.

•    Aluminum is found in most processed foods. According to the latest research in the field of food and medicine, this food ingredient can cause Alzheimer’s dementia. This is a kind of central nervous system alteration wherein there is loss of memory and there is also loss of motor coordination. The dietary aluminum found in dietary foods can also cause the same. There is also trace of this substance in foods like baking soda, cheese and pickles.

•    Aspartame from soda and other forms of soft drinks is also rooted to be harmful to the human body. This is particularly used as substitute to sugar. There are reports from the persons who ingested this that they have experienced seizures, headaches and dizziness. Because of this, researches are conducted and these showed that this food ingredient can cause brain function alteration. This food component, when stored for a long time, may cause activation of cancer hormones in humans. That is why this is also considered as potential carcinogenic substance.

•    One of the most carcinogenic food ingredients that exist is the BHA-BHT. This is actually banned in some countries of the world but still used by many manufacturers of processed foods in making their products. When used, this will activate the hormone for the production of cancer cells. As a result, there is high chance of the occurrence of cancer in affected individuals.

•    Coal Tar Dyes that are present in highly coloured foods are also potentially dangerous to your health. These are stuffs that cause cancer to the person affected. Aside from that, this may also cause allergic reactions to the sensitive person. There are other effects associated with the ingestion of this food ingredient. Examples of these are nervousness, loss of concentration, fatigue, nausea, headaches and asthma attacks.

•    There are harmful impurities that you can get out of the food component known as Cocamidopropyl Betaine. This is usually found in synthesized coconuts. When you ingested overwhelming amounts of this food ingredient, you may experience skin blistering, skin burning and itching.

•    Diacetyl that is found in commercial popcorn can cause serious problems in the respiratory system. This can specifically cause fatal lung condition termed as bronchitis obliterans. In this condition, the affected person may experience difficulty excreting carbon dioxide. This by product must be eliminated out of the body because it is a potential toxic substance to the cells.

The so-called High Fructose Corn Syrup/HFCS that is found in sweet foods targets the cardiovascular system of the affected person. When too much amount of this is ingested, it causes increase in the level of the triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood. When this happens, the blood cells are subjected to clotting and can clog the vessels. When too much clogging happens, there is a possibility of CVA or stroke occurrence. Furthermore, this also causes increase in the aging process of the affected person.

•    Hydrogenated/Partially Hydrogenated Oils that are found in fatty meat products in the market is also a threat to your cardiovascular system. This type of oil is rich in trans-fat. Trans-fat is considered as poison to the cells. Aside from that, too much presence of this in the bloodstream makes the blood more viscous. As a compensatory mechanism, the heart will exert too much force just to pump the very concentrated blood. This leads to hypertension. If this is not given with proper attention, it may result to possible heart diseases.

If you do a research on how potentially and dangerous these substances, you will find out that these are all potential threat to the health of the consumers. They become more dangerous to health when they are ingested more frequently. That is why when you are buying your foods from the department stores, see to it that you will check first the label for the ingredients used in making that food stuff.

The Need to Detoxify

If you have been using or taking the products that contains some of the dangerous ingredients mentioned above, well, you might consider cleansing your body from the toxins that entered in to your body also known as Body Detoxification. Once you have you body cleanse from these toxins, you might consider as well minimizing the use or intake of those products or if you can and find other alternatives.

Accumulated toxins are just one of the big reasons that one your body will get into disease and illness, and sometimes, it will boom into cancerous disease which is sometimes, too late to remedy. Still the principle applies that “Prevention is better than cure.”


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