The Importance of Rest and Recreation

sleeping for healthAs we have noticed today, civilized people break away from the nature’s way of working and relaxing. Business and social life makes us busy to and fro, revolving smoothly by continuing restlessness. Night is treated like a day working and seeking pleasure. Even industries are not satisfied by the production hours of the day thus there are men and women that are still working on the night.

While it is true that they only work at the right schedule every day but often the work shift schedule implies irregularity of eating and sleeping. There are people who don’t really get affected by this kind of lifestyle but the time testifies that you cannot nullify the laws of nature and that you will not pay back. The Day was made for work while the time of the night is for sleeping.

Rest and nourishing recreation rejuvenates and revitalizes your health if done properly. The Creator of Nature desires us that working should be followed by rest. He did create the night that the humans should rest after many hours of toiling during the day. He also plans that the man works for six days and will rest on the seventh day, the Saturday, based from the Bible. Man in modern times, however, continues to ignore this principle. As if he doesn’t understand that every willful disobedience of this heavenly principle shall be paid afterwards.

Doing some garden is one wholesome way of recreation especially after the exhausting mental work.

Overwork is one of causes of heart disease, nervous condition, migraine, ulcers, anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure and many more.

Sleeping is a powerful natural remedy and relief. A serious one who wants to build really good health should take care to get enough sleep. The ability to sleep is one another great blessings in our life.

During the whole day’s work, we get tired,  and have sleep on the night, and we are refreshed on the morning. But still provided if we follow the amount of sleep required according to our age level. Our body undergoes wear and tear and sleeping is one way to restore and repair it.

On the other hand, the habits of watching movies, active night life, and other forms of pleasure seeking after working hours is the worst form of punishment to the body and mind that are already exhausted and drain of its energy. This is the sad reason of almost all of the diseases today. Treatments can do nothing from the abuses of his own body even he seeks the powerful medicines unless the patient strives to change his lifestyle.

Sleeping is beneficial from these following cases:

  • Sleeping with an empty stomach – while there is food being digested in the stomach, the brain and its digestive organs are required to function and it will also consume energy. Eating late at night forces the brain to work more on the night so the sleeping is abnormal and so almost cannot restore vitality. In the morning, it is possible to extend the sleeping.
  • Sleeping outdoor gives more rest than sleeping indoors.
  • Rest and sleep is more achieved easily if you do some exercise in the afternoon.

It is more required to rest when you are sick. Often, in most cases, this is the only requirement to health recovery. There is a saying that says “Man is so idiot that he even eats while he is sick.” When you are sick, the digestive organs cannot work properly, if they can work. They also need a share to get some rest and it is better light meals or full fasting from food. If you are tired or sick, you ask for a vacation…the same is your stomach.

To have recreation to yourself, one thing is necessary by going to your farm, or to the fields, or to a garden or park  and once more get closer to the nature. Modern kinds of pleasure(so called worldly pleasures) cannot replace the recovery of health that only nature can give.

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One thought on “The Importance of Rest and Recreation”

  1. I firmly believe that working at nigh affects the immune system. I like the article on the benefits on night sleep. Thanks

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