What is Detoxification and Why Detoxify?

Detoxification | DetoxifyDetoxification is the process in which toxins released by the cells and derived from the foods that we eat are being eliminated out of the body. The substances that are released out of the human system are those that can cause cell function alteration. The main focus of the detoxification therapy is the elimination of the harmful substances in the Gastro-Intestinal  system. According to sources, detoxification is done in order to provide opportunity for fat assimilation. Too many fats are acquired because of faulty absorption. When the detoxification is focused in the intestines, all the other harmful substances in the body will be easily released.

Signs and Symptoms of Accumulated Toxins in Your Body

There are main symptoms associated with high toxins in the body. These are nervousness, mood changes, stiff neck, skin rushes, constipation, indigestion, bad breath, sneezing, cough, closed sinus, throat itchiness, fever, nausea, fatigue and body pain.

Diseases Associated with Increase in Body Toxins

When there is overwhelming amounts of toxic substances in the body, it can lead to more serious health diseases. When the skin is affected, you may notice that the patient will manifest varicose veins, allergies, boils, eczema and acne. Lung affectation, on the other hand, will cause emphysema, pneumonia, bronchitis and asthma. Aside from these, there are also high chances of the occurrence of cancer, gastritis, cataract, diabetes, breast disease, atherosclerosis, hepatitis, cirrhosis, tension headache, migraine, peptic ulcer, hemorrhoids, infection, cardiovascular problems, sinusitis, menstrual cycle alterations, overweight, prostate problems and kidney diseases.

Why is there a Need for Detox?

There are sources suggesting that a typical person must undergo detoxification at least once yearly. There is no such recorded adverse reaction that is acquired after undergoing detox therapy. As a matter of fact, purely improvement in health condition was experienced by a person who underwent this process of toxin elimination.

There are a lot of people asking for the reason why they need to undergo detoxification process. The reason behind that is just very simple. In our day to day living, we are exposed to environmental poisons as well as chemicals. When we breathe, we take them in. When we eat, we, at the same time, also ingest these harmful substances. Because of this, these environmental toxins are being taken in by the human body.


When there are a lot of toxins present in our system, it causes build-up and alters the normal equilibrium inside the human body. The only way in order to be free from such toxins is for the body to excrete them. However, since the toxins are already overwhelming in amount, the body is not capable to eliminate all of it. That is why there are some diseases arising from the increase in the toxins present in the body. So now, to fully excrete the remaining toxins, detoxification must be done.

Benefits from Detoxification?

  • The main benefit that you can get out of detoxification therapy is that you will be free from diseases and symptoms brought by excessive toxins in the body. Most of the diseases as of the moment are caused by ingestion as well as inhalation of toxins.
  • Aside from the fact that you will be prevented from experiencing toxic associated diseases, you will also have the chance to cure some of the diseases or any health alteration happening in your system. Good example of this is fecal impaction. In this condition, there is trapping of fecal wastes in your intestines. Since detoxification is centered in the gastro-intestinal system, the intestinal toxins will be primarily removed.
  • When you are undergoing detoxification therapy, your body is being cleansed. This means that your system will be free from impurities due to the toxic foods that you eat and the harmful pollutants that you inhale.
  • Body toxins that are not eliminated out of the body like in renal failure patients cause increase in their weight. So, when the toxins are removed out of the body with the aid of detoxification, you will regain your normal weight easily.
  • You will also notice in those persons who are undergoing detoxification therapy that they look younger and bolder. Toxins present in the body cause increase in the rate of cell death. When the cells are dying easily, a person looks older than his actual age. So, when you undergo detoxification, the aging process will be slowed. What is more delightful is that you will notice that your skin will be healthier and more beautiful.

Kinds of Detoxification

There are kinds of detoxification therapy that you can choose from.

  • Detox diet is the first one. When we say detox diet, it means that you are incorporating foods in your menu that helps in the elimination of the wastes you acquired for years. This has direct effect in the chronic illness suffered by some of the diseased person. There are several examples of detox diet that you can utilize.
    • Master cleanse /Lemonade diet - The masters cleanse, also known as lemonade diet type of detox diet uses squeezed lemon juice. Once you have already secured your fresh lemon juice, you need to add pure water, cayenne pepper as well as maple syrup to it. A person who will undergo this type of detox must drink at least 6-16 glasses of master cleanse juice daily. Lemonade diet is a detox regimen that uses lemon juice extract. This detox diet is effective in elimination and dissolving of toxins, cleaning of the Gastro-Intestinal   and urinary System, purification of cells and glands and relieves nerve pressure.
    • Jumpstart juicer – is a combination of several fruits and vegetables that are squeezed. The juice is effective in eliminating the toxins accumulated in the internal organs of a person.
    • Super cleanse – is a cleansing formula equipped with fiber and essential detoxifying substances that are effective in moving out the harmful chemicals in your body.
    • Mucusless diet – is thought to heal some incurable diseases like Bright’s disease. The foods included in this diet are green leafy vegetables. These should be taken raw.
  • Colon Cleansing –  is alternatively called as colon therapy. This features colon hydrotherapy with the use of oral cleansing agents like dietary supplements. The procedure that is used here is a combination of water as well as herbs.
  • Liver Cleansing –is also referred to as liver gall bladder flush. This is used in order to eliminate high cholesterol in content in your liver. Aside from that, this is also used to treat asthma, psoriasis, gallstones and other diseases associated with high toxin in the body.
  • •    Foot & Skin Devices – Foot and skin devices are used externally to remove dead cells in the body particularly in your lower extremities. This is intended for those who do not want to take some supplements for their detoxification regimen.

Top 10 Tips to Detoxify Your Body

  1. At the top of the list is for you to ingest plenty of foods that contain fiber. Fiber is the most excellent detoxifying agent that will wash away the intact fecal materials in your intestines. Examples of the foods that are rich in fiber are seaweed, chorella, spirulina, broccoli, cabage, artichokes, radish and beets.
  2. In order for your liver to be cleansed, you have to incorporate in your detox program herbs like green tea, milk thistle and dandelion root.
  3. Glutathione is a compound found in the liver that is responsible in eliminating toxins. For your body glutathione to be activated, eat fruits that are rich in Vitamin C.
  4. Drinking of not less than eight glasses of water daily is also advised.
  5. Deep breathing exercises must also be done. When you do this, you are able to allow circulation of oxygen in your tissues.
  6. You must also avoid stress causing situations in your life. Or maybe, you should not take some stressful situations seriously.
  7. Hydrotherapy is also advised. This features taking a warm shower and allowing it to run down your back. After thirty seconds, you must follow now the cold water. This can be done three times daily. Going to bed for thirty minutes is also advised.
  8. Perspiration wastes should also be excreted. This can be achieved by means of having sauna bath.
  9. Brushing the skin is also recommended. This is done in order to scrape the dirt and the dead cells present in your skin. There are specially made brushes that you can buy in the market.
  10. The most important of all is for you to exercise. Simple exercises like yoga and jumping will do.

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