How to Use Herbal Plants to Cure Disease and Illness

In layman’s term, herbal plants can be found throughout the whole year round. It has different sizes, growth and varieties of propagation, and has no woody parts. They differ from plants which has a woody part like a tree itself.

The herbal plants not only gives the human body the organic nutrients your life needs like vitamins and minerals but also fulfills the other works like beautification, elimination of air pollution, gives shadows when we need it, clothes and much more. But the greatest thing the herbal plants can contribute to the people can be found in their curative and healing properties for various diseases and illnesses.

The use of herbal plants as means of medication originates long time ago that even today modern medicine makes its preparation of medicine mostly from the herbal plants. The effects of many herbs that helps cure the illnesses even in its broad form does not limit to one thing. If it is good for that illness, it is also good for the other illness. The herbs can be diuretic (increases the secretion and flow of urine), diaphoretic (produces perspiration), nervine (allaying nervous excitement), cholagogue (increases the flow of bile), and many more. See Definitions of Medicinal Properties found in Plants and Herbs.


There are many ways to apply the herbs as medication and the choice depends on your desired outcome, and the parts of the plants that would be use. Instead, we will just cite preparations mention in this site. As general flow, parboil or blanch is the best preparation for leaves, tops, flowers and gentle parts of the plants; brewing is suitable to extract the minerals from the roots, trunk, barks of the tree.

In making herbal preparations, it is advice to use fresh parts only. If the instruction is to use the leaves, get them while the plants is flourishing. If the flowers are required, pick them on or before their blossom. Reap the fruits when they are ripe unless instructed that unripe ones are needed. If the seeds of the fruits are required, collect them on the ripe fruits.

Never use aluminum utensils in simmering the herbal preparations for parboiling or brewing. Use porcelain or earthen pots. In mixing or pounding the herbs, avoid using spoon made from metal. Instead use wooden spoon or wooden ladle to avoid mixtures from metal substances to the herbal preparation.

It is recommended not to take coffee in your diet when using herbs as a medication to treat the illness. Coffee has high vibration than herbs that will hinder the good effects resulting from drinking the herbal preparation. All herbal drinks are consume better one (1) hour before or after the regular meal or before going to sleep at night. Juices from fruits or vegetables maybe drink on between meals.


4 ounces½ cups1 to 2 year old
8 ounces1 cups2 to 5 year old
16 ounces2 cups5 to 10 year old
24 ounces3 cups10 to 15 year old
32 – 40 ounces4 or 5 cups15 and above

Use 25 to 30 grams of fresh herbs to a liter of water.
Use 15 to 20 grams of dried herbs to a liter of water.


  1. Bark and Roots. Boil them for 20 to 30 minutes to extract the medicinal properties. Chop or cut them in small pieces. You can use the fresh or dry ones. You may powder them and store in bottles free from moisture.
  2. Leaves and Flowers. Never boil leaves and flowers. Just steep them, that is, boil water, and when it is boiling, put the leaves and flowers in. Cover them and let it stand for 10 to 20 minutes. As soon as you put the flowers and leaves in, take the kettle from the stove.
  3. For finely cut herbs or granulated herbs or plants, steep a tablespoonful or heaping teaspoonful of herbs in a cup of boiling water for several minutes, then you strain and drink the tea. You may drink it an hour or after each meal, or as the case requires.


To extract the juice, grate the fruit or roots and use thin cloth to squeeze out the juice. There are many kinds of electric juicer that you can buy today. Speaking of convenience and efficiency, this mechanical devices delivers more than manual juice extraction which not only hard but takes time to get done. So we recommend those who are serious to build their vital health to buy one electric juicer. This is very useful in many years to come.

The juice should be taken immediately after extraction because it will lose its nutrients and rots easily if you delay its use.

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