Definitions of Medicinal Properties found in Plants and Herbs

AbortifacientCan cause abortion
AlterativeCan produce healthful change without perceptible evacuation
AnalgesicRelieves pain. Anodyne
AnodyneRelieves pain
AnthelminticAn agent which expels worms
AnthiliticPrevents the formation of calculi in the urinary organs
AntibiliousActs on the bile, relieving biliousness
AntibioticKills germs and microorganisms and cures infections
AntiemeticStops vomiting
AntiperiodicArrests morbid periodical movements
AntipilepticRelieves fits
AntirheumaticRelieves or cures rheumatism
AntiscorbuticCures or prevents scurvy
AntisepticOpposed to putrefaction. Disinfectant
AntispasmodicRelieves or prevents spasms
AntisyphiliticHaving effect on or curing venereal diseases
AperientGently laxative, without purging
AromaticHaving a strong pleasant odor
AstringentCauses contraction and arrests discharges
CarminativeExpels wind from the bowels
CephalicUsed in diseases of the head
CholagogueIncreases the flow of bile
CondimentImproves flavor of food
DemulcentSoothing relieves inflammation
DeodorantCan repel bad odor
DeosbtruentRemoves obstructions
DepurativePurifies the blood
DetergentCleansing to bowels, ulcers and wounds
Diaphoreticproduces perspiration
DigestivePertaining to digestion; digestive
DiscutientDissolves and removes tumors
DiureticIncreases the secretion and flow of urine
EmeticProduces vomiting
EmmenagoguePromotes menstruation
EmollientSoftening and soothing to inflamed parts
EsculentEatable as food
ExanthematousRemedy for skin eruptions and diseases
ExpectorantFacilities expectoration
FebrifugeAbates and reduces fevers
HemostaticAn agent that arrests the flow of blood
HepaticRemedy for diseases of the liver
InsecticideAny substance poisonous to insects
InsectifugeA preparation which repels insects
LaxativePromotes bowel action
LithotrypticDissolves calculi in the urinary organs
MaturatingRipens or brings boils, tumors, and ulcers to a head
MucilaginousSoothing to inflamed parts
NauseantProduces vomiting
NervineActs specifically on the nervous system, allaying nervous excitement
OpthalmicumA remedy for disease of the eye
ParturientInduces and promotes labor at childbirth
PectoralRemedy to relieve chest affections
PungentSharp or biting: somewhat acrid
ResolventDissolves and removes tumors
RevulsiveEffecting revulsion (drawing of blood from one part to another parts, as in counter irritation
RubefacientIncreases circulation, produces red skin
SedativeTonic on nerves, also quieting
SialagogueIncreases the secretion of saliva
StomachicStrengthens and gives tone to the stomach
StypticArrests hemorrhage and bleeding
SudorificProduces profuse perspiration
TonicRemedy which is invigorating and strengthening
VelneraryAgent which heals wounds
VermicideAn anthelmic drug or medicine destructive to intestinal animal parasites
VermifugeExpels worms

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