The Wonders of Carrot

carrot benefitsCarrot is a native plant of Europe, Asia, and Northern Africa. It is cultivated for its valuable roots. Its roots contains vitamin A, B, C, G, calcium, iron and phosphorus.

Medicinally, the carrot is of great value. It is highly appreciated for its medicinal properties. This has been proven in cases such as cancer, kidney, coughs and other diseases.
Carrots have a beneficial influence on the kidneys and prevent the brick-dust, sediments found in the urine. Also it’s a good blood cleanser. For coughs and chest infections, boil the roots in milk until it is soft, drink the milk and make a poultice of the root and apply it on the chest. For jaundice, drink one cup of fresh juice every day. For burns and foul ulcers, a grated carrot is applied to the affected parts. Raw carrots, when eaten, will expel worms from the intestine.

If carrots were used more extensively as a vegetable, they would prove of great benefit to all mankind. For those who are suffering from cancer, liver, kidney and bladder troubles, carrot diet is good for you. The roots are useful for gravel, painful urination, expel worms from the bowels, for dropsy and to increase menstrual flow. For ulcers, abscesses, carbuncles, bad wounds and scrofulous and cancerous sores, grate one or two carrots and make an excellent poultice of them. They will have wonderful results after a few days of use.

The seed of this plant when ground to powder, and taken as a tea will relieve colic and increase the flow of urine. When boiled, the fruit of this plant is given for chronic diarrhea. When all other means have failed to cure, carrot blossoms, used as a tea are most effective in the treatment of dropsy (the abnormal accumulation of serous fluid in the cellular tissue or body cavity).

Carrot is also good for diarrhea, acidity, and heartburns. To break away from cyst, drink the fresh juice of carrots in between meals about 2 cups (16 oz.) every day. The grated carrot can be a balsam applied two times a day.

Carrots Juice

Drink 1 – 2 cups every day or eat 10 – 12 ounces of grated fresh carrots for breakfast.

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