The Wonders of Guava

guava health benefitsBotanical Name: Psidium Guajava L.

Medicinal Properties: Astringent, antidiarrhetic, vulnerary, antispasmodic, febrifuge, anthelmintic.

The Guava Tree is a widely known for its edible fruit. But aside from the benefits of eating its fruit, there are unknown facts we should know about its application in treating some health problems.

Medicinally, a decoction of the bark is given for chronic diarrhea. The preparation is, 50 grams of the bark to a pint of boiling water. For children the dose is 3 teaspoonful 4 times a day; for adult, a cup of the tea 3 times a daily for 2 days, or until ailment is gone. It is good for the prolapse of the anus. It is taken in normal doses and at the same time as a wash. The disease is known as prolapsus. It is also recommended as a mouthwash for swollen gums of the children and adults.

The leaves, in decoction, and the water is used as a wash for ulcers. The young leaves and shoots, in decoction, and the tea is prescribed to abate and reduce fevers, celebral affections, inflammation of the kidneys (nephritis, in general ill health and malnutrition (cachexia), epilepsy. It is an excellent wash for ulcers, leucorrhea, and also a vaginal and uterine wash.

The flower buds are an effective remedy for diarrhea and the flow of blood. Boil the buds for 5 minutes, and drink the tea in normal doses. Just 30 grams to a pint of boiling water will give good results. The ripe fruit is aperients, which means gently laxative.

Do not eat too much of the fruit as it will cause indigestion.

To avoid constipation, eat the fruit with the skin. For diarrhea and diabetes, boil 5 or 6 chopped, half-ripe fruit of the guava in a pint of boiling water. Strain it and the tea is given for diabetes and diarrhea. Drink 4 to 5 glasses daily for 5 days for diabetes.

Guava is a good remedy. It causes contraction and arrest discharges, is good for diarrhea, heals wounds and cuts, relieves and prevents spasms, abates and reduces fevers, and has an agency which expels worms, is for diabetes, diarrhea, kidneys, epilepsy, and cerebral affections.

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