The Wonders of Pineapple

Benefits of PineappleThe Pineapple is a very well-known fruit across the world but is properly identified to as a food than from its medicinal properties. It has a fair supply of iron and calcium. It’s also a great supply of vitamins A and B, and an outstanding supply of vitamin C. It consists of citric acid, phosphoric and sulphuric acid, lime magnesia, silica, sodium and chlorides of potassium.

Medicinally, the juice of the leaves is really an effective means of expelling worms (anthelmintic) and contains medicinal properties that kills any intestinal animal parasites. This can be accomplished by boiling the fresh young leaves and drinking four glasses for the therapy each and every day. It’s also the same of the young fruit. It’s great for the therapy of gonorrhea and increases the flow of urine. The ripe fruit, – the fresh juice of it, – is great for acid dyspepsia, and aids digestion. The juice of the ripe fruit is an alternative cure or preventive of scurvy, increases the secretion and flow of urine, creates perspiration, gently laxative but with out purging, cooling, and digestive. The juice of the unripe fruit is utilized to arrest hermorrhage and bleeding. It has an agency which expels worms or intestinal parasites, promotes menstruation, super effective in growing the secretion and flow of urine, and acid or sour. Don’t mixed the juice of the ripe fruit with sugar. It’s also stated that it could relieve fever.

CAUTION: For pregnant ladies, don’t use the juice of the unripe or young fruit. Just use the juice of the ripe fruit for it’s advantageous for the development of the child.

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